New! BKK Lentus L Heavy Assist Hook

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Color: Bright Tin

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The BKK Lentus L Heavy Assist Hook is specifically made for slow-jigging big fish in deep water. The rig is built with a pair of heavy-duty, custom-forged assist hooks, each featuring a flat-shank design that helps keep the line properly positioned during long, shoulder-straining fights. Both assist hooks are attached to a BKK Micro Ring with 140-lb. test BKK fluorocarbon cord, with just enough flexibility to hold balance and drive the razor-sharp Cutting Delta hook points home. Bright tin coating for superior corrosion resistance.

  • Quality assist hook rig for deep jigging
  • Heavy-duty, custom-forged hooks
  • Flat-shank design keeps line in
  • Tied with 140-lb. test BKK fluorocarbon cord
  • Razor-sharp Cutting Delta hook points
  • Bright tin coating for corrosion resistance
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