Berkley PowerBait MaxScent Lizard

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Sleek and tasty, the Berkley® PowerBait® MaxScent Lizard presents a highly appealing version of the classic big-fish bait. This notorious nest-robber and sworn enemy of bass and pike alike is optimized for slow-moving presentations. Infused with Berkley's MaxScent super-charged scent release technology, which lays down a scent field that immediately pulls bass in. Once they lock on, the Lizard's high-action appendages and curltail trigger thumping strikes.

Every PowerBait MaxScent bait releases a super-charged scent field, attracting fish in an entirely new way and improving catch rates by as much as 45%. The advanced Scent Release material is both soft and durable, for lifelike action and easier hook-ups on multiple fish. You'll find its ultra-realistic texture and natural matte colors ideal for your most exacting finesse presentations.

  • Sleek, super-tasty version of the classic big-fish bait
  • Optimized for slow-moving presentations
  • Super-charged scent release technology
  • Unique scent field immediately pulls predators in
  • High-action appendages and curltail for thumping strikes
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