Bennett Marine M-80/M-120 Sport Tabs for 17'-23' Boats

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Product Details

  • Improve fuel efficiency by 20-30%
  • Improve visibility
  • Increase speed
  • Get you out of the ''hole'' and on plane faster
  • Smooth out a rough ride
  • Correct for listing and uneven loads
  • Pull more/heavier skiers

How Sport Tabs Work
Bennett's Sport Tabs are two independent, stainless steel planes that attach to the bottom edge of your boat's transom. When you press the helm control, the sport tabs move into position. Water force on the tab surface creates upward pressure, which raises the stern and lowers the bow.
Get on Plane Quickly
Using your Bennett Sport Tabs, you'll decrease the time in the "transition mode" between displacement and planning. You'll be amazed at the speed at which you are up on plane and cruising.
Increase Speed
When the trim tabs are deflected, the stern rises, lowering the bow. Without touching the throttle, speed increases and optimum altitude is achieved, regardless of speed or weight distribution.
Correcting for Listing
As a result of uneven weight distribution, prop torque or wind, your boat can run with a list. Deep "V" hulls are particularly vulnerable to this condition. But with a heavy passenger or gear, every boat is susceptible. Running with a list is uncomfortable, as well as unsafe. Bennett Sport Tabs operate independently for effective list correction.
Smooth a Rough Ride
Every boater has experienced a rough, pounding ride. Using your Sport Tabs, you can bring the bow down to cut through the water. This will significantly reduce the pounding and turn a teeth-jarring experience into a more comfortable ride.
Plane at Lower Speeds
Deflecting your Sport Tabs a little allows you to decrease your throttle, slow your speed and still stay on plane. Now you can cruise at speeds that were impossible to maintain without Trim Tabs. By bringing the bow down, you also improve visibility and safety.
Water Sports
Sport Tabs also add to your boat's performance with skis or wakeboards. Deflect your tabs, and you can pull more skiers or heavier skiers. Wakeboard enthusiasts will like the fact that a boat equipped with Sport Tabs can slow down, stay on plane and create a bigger wake. Families will like the fact that you can pull inflatable water toys at slower speeds for young riders.
Fuel Efficiency
Fuel consumption is directly related to RPM and speed. Being able to back off your throttle while staying on plane delivers big dividends in fuel economy. Bennett Sport Tabs are one of the few boat accessories that can actually pay for themselves.
Just a few hours and some common tools are all you need to install your M-80 or M-120 Kit. Components of the Bennett system are designed and packaged with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. Every kit is complete, featuring one-page step-by-step instructions with templates. The M-80 and M-120 Sport Tabs even come with an installation video.

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