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Easily peg your sinkers when fishing rigs. Bass Pro Shops® Sinker Stops can be easily repositioned at any time to adjust for fishing conditions. The multi-colored stops can be inserted on most monofilament or fluorocarbon lines up to 20-lb. test, but perform best when used according to the color coding: Black for 2-8 lb. test line, Red for 8-14 lb., and Yellow for 14-20 lb. Note: The Sinker Stops offered in black only are for those who feel a more stealthfull approach is needed; these stops are designed to thread on to 14-20 lb. test line without hassle, but can also be used with lighter lines. Makes a great spacer for Carolina rigs.

  • Easily peg your sinker
  • Can be repositioned at any time
  • Use with mono or fluoro up to 20-lb. test
  • Color coded for greater precision by line size
  • Black for 2-8 lb. line, Red for 8-14 lb., Yellow for 14-20 lb.
  • Black stops can be used with all line sizes
  • Ideal for Texas and Carolina rigs
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