Bass Pro Shops Muskie Angler Spinnerbait

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The Bass Pro Shops® Muskie Angler Spinnerbait's tandem inline blade configuration creates the same proven fish-catching vibration as the In-Line version. Terrific for night fishing! A safety pin wire form makes this bait virtually weedless. Features include tandem size 5 Colorado blades and tandem 4/0 single hooks. When fishing the Bass Pro Shops Muskie Angler Spinnerbait on weedy flats, pause your retrieve over holes and allow the bait to flutter down. Then resume winding at your normal pace. This method will often trigger an attack from that less aggressive fish buried in the weeds. And never forget to "Figure-8" this bait at the end of every retrieve, as the frequent changes in direction, flash, and blade thump can and will produce devastating strikes at boatside!

  • Proven fish-catching flash and vibration
  • Near-weedless safety-pin design
  • Tandem size 5 Colorado blades
  • Two extra-strong 4/0 single hooks
  • Terrific for night fishing
  • Vary your retrieve to trigger massive strikes
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