Barnett HyperFlite 22'' Illuminated Crossbow Bolts

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Barnett's high performance small-diameter bolt with a lighted nock, HyperFlite™ 22" Illuminated Crossbow Bolts deliver superior performance and visibility. Combining crossbow power and speed with the precise accuracy and superior penetration of a .204" bolt, these small-diameter bolts offer 25% greater penetration over standard crossbow bolts. This high-performance design also gives crossbow hunters a F.O.C. increase for even greater downrange accuracy and reduced wind drift. Designed for use with Barnett's Hyper™ Series Crossbows (not included), these bolts come outfitted with pre-installed illuminated nocks and Reliable Outsert Component (R.O.C.) 20 outserts for accuracy, stability, and strength. Straightness tolerance: ±.001". 22" Length. I.D.: .204".

  • Illuminated small-diameter bolt for Barnett Hyper Series crossbows (not included)
  • Greater penetration and ballistic coefficient than standard crossbow bolts
  • Small .204" diameter for greater downrange accuracy and reduced wind drift
  • Outfitted with pre-installed illuminated nocks
  • R.O.C. 20 outserts for accuracy, stability, and strength
  • Straightness tolerance: ±.001"
  • 22" Length
  • I.D.: .204"
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