Barnes VOR-TX LRX Long Range Centerfire Rifle Ammo

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Barnes VOR-TX LRX Long Range Centerfire Rifle Ammo delivers the same deadly terminal performance that Barnes all-copper bullets are famous for, with a bullet specifically designed for long-range hunting. The LRX design maximizes ballistic coefficient by utilizing a long boat tail, increased ogive, and a polymer tip. High ballistic coefficients flatten trajectory, reduce wind drift, and retain velocity, enhancing the shooter's ability to hit targets at ultra long range. The polymer tip also serves to initiate expansion by opening the nose cavity to peel back 4 petals that cut through tissue, creating a long and devastating wound channel, while retaining nearly 100% of the original weight. Barnes manufactures VOR-TX LRX Long Range Centerfire Rifle Ammo to exact quality standards to eliminate variables that cause inconsistencies, resulting in consistent accuracy from one box to the next.

  • All-copper LRX bullets
  • Specifically designed for long-range hunting
  • Boat tail with high ballistic coefficient
  • Increased ogive, and polymer tip
  • Delivers devastating wound channels
  • Nearly 100% weight retention
  • Consistent performance
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