BaitCloud Fish Attractant

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Bring the fish to you with BaitCloud™ Fish Attractant. Simply toss the ready-to-use sphere overboard, drop it down an ice hole, or throw from shore to your intended fishing spot. This biodegradable sinking ball is made from amino acids and proven attractants; as it hits the water, it immediately begins to "fizz" and release a visible cloud of scent-rich bubbles, creating a surface-to-bottom commotion that quickly pulls fish into the area. Plus, the scent-cloud lingers long after the fizzing has ended, keeping fish close by.

  • Bring the fish to your fishing spot
  • Simply toss the sinking sphere into the water
  • Made of amino acids and attractants
  • Releases a visible cloud of scent-rich bubbles
  • Fizzes from surface to bottom
  • Quickly pulls fish into the area
  • Scent-cloud will linger; biodegradable

Note: Check your local and state regulations to determine if chumming is allowed in your waters. According to the manufacturer, chumming is not allowed in the following states: Arkansas, California, Idaho, North Dakota, Oregon, and Washington.

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