Built by extreme hunters, for extreme hunters, Avian-X and Zink Calls provide hardcore waterfowl hunters with gear that helps pull more ducks and geese out of the sky into the bed of the truck. Built to look and sound just as real as the birds flying over your blind, Avian-X and Zink Calls offer a full line of ultra-realistic duck and goose decoys and calls to help hunters up and down the flyways. You will find a full selection of Avian-X waterfowl gear and Zink Calls duck and goose calls at basspro.com and cabelas.com, making it easy to create the perfect hunting setup. Whether choosing Avian-X's TopFlight duck decoys, like the ones found in the TopFlight Mallard Duck Decoy Outfitter Pack, AXP goose decoys, like the ones found in the AXP Full-Body Canada Goose Decoy Honker Pack or AXP Full-Body Lesser Canada Goose Decoy Pack, duck calls like the Zink Calls NBG or PH2, or goose calls like the Nightmare on Stage or Long Neck Rocker, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's has the tools serious waterfowlers are looking for.