Avian-X AXP Lesser Canada Goose Decoy Feeder Pack

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Avian-X AXP Lesser Canada Goose Decoy Feeder Pack enhances your spread with vibrant, detailed color contrast, and 3 popular feeding positions. This perfect blend of ultra-realistic detail and feeding positions delivers in-your-face goose hunting action with durable 1-piece construction sure to last for years to come. Over-sized by 20%, these goose decoys provide better visibility in open fields, blend in perfectly with Honker decoys, and provide equally effective results in attracting James Bay Geese. Rugged field stakes keep your spread stable even in windy conditions while an included Avian-X Decoy Bag protects your investment between hunts season after season. The Avian-X AXP Lesser Canada Goose Decoy Feeder Pack includes 2 stretch feeders, 2 picking feeders, and 2 real feeders.
Manufacturer model #: 9007.

  • 6 pack full-body Lesser Canada Goose Feeder Decoys
  • Collection of 3 popular feeding positions
  • 20% over-sized for better visibility in open fields
  • Equally effective in attracting James Bay Geese
  • Vibrant, detailed color contrast for added realism
  • Blends in perfectly with Honker decoys
  • Field stakes and Slotted Avian-X Decoy Bag included
  • Includes 2 Stretch Feeders, 2 Picking Feeders, and 2 Real Feeders
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