TRUGLO Pro Series Magnum Gobble Dot Sights


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High-tech, fully adjustable front and rear sighting system for vented rib shotguns. TRUGLO® Pro Series™ Magnum Gobble Dot™ Sight features super-bright fiber-optic design with contrasting colors for superior accuracy, especially in low light. Micro-adjustable windage and elevation settings. Steel bases.

TG944A: Fits most Charles Daly, Remington, and Browning models
TG944B: Fits most Mossberg, Weatherby, and Winchester models
TG944C: Fits most Beretta (field grades), Franchi, and Browning Gold/A-5 models
TG944D: Fits most Benelli Super Black Eagle/M1/Nova, Browning BPS/A-5, Ruger Red Label, Stoeger Model 2000, and Savage models

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