Scientific Anglers Mastery Titan Long Fly Line

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With its short taper and powerful head, Scientific Anglers® Mastery Titan Long Fly Line delivers great turnover for bass flies, streamers, poppers, and other bulky offerings targeting warm-water species. This line is built 2 sizes heavy, to ensure your rod loads up quickly and delivers maximum distance on the cast. Mastery Titan Long's extended rear taper provides the superior line control and authoritative mending you need for these situations, whether fishing from a boat or wading. AST slickness coating for smooth action; a braided multifilament core; and a welded loop at both ends for easy rigging. Best in moderate and cold climates.

  • Superior turnover on larger, bulkier flies
  • Great for targeting bass and other predators
  • Built 2 sizes heavy
  • Loads quickly and casts long
  • Provides excellent line control and mending ability
  • AST slickness coating
  • Braided multifilament core
  • Welded loop at both ends
  • For moderate and cold climates
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