Ruger Super Blackhawk Single-Action Revolver with Unfluted Cylinder

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The Ruger® Super Blackhawk® Single-Action Revolver is designed specifically to handle the chamber pressures and recoil of the powerful .44 Magnum cartridge. The Super Blackhawk is similar to Ruger's standard Blackhawk model in that it has a solid cylinder-frame made of premium modern steel, and uses all coil springs in the mechanism that retain their power for ultra-durability (instead of leaf-springs). The robust Super Blackhawk features an all-steel grip frame to add weight and balance the sidearm, and the grip is slightly longer than that of the standard Blackhawk to provide a solid grip and disperse recoil over a larger area. The back of the trigger guard has been squared off to give more room for the shooter's knuckles to protect them from punishing recoil. The hammer spur on the Super Blackhawk is lower and wider, and the trigger is wider as well. An unfluted cylinder also adds weight to reduce recoil, and strength to withstand high-pressure .44 magnum loads. Common to all Ruger Single-Action Revolvers, the Super Blackhawk uses Ruger's patented transfer bar ignition system that provides an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge, allowing the shooter to carry the revolver safely with all 6 chambers loaded. The traditional western-style grip pattern of the Super Blackhawk is known for aiding in natural pointing characteristics, enabling shooters to instinctively draw and shoot, as well as stand and take fine aim. The rear sight is click adjustable for both windage and elevation, and is protected by integral frame topstrap ribs. The front sight is an improved Patridge type that provides a good sight picture, and allows for snag-free withdrawal from holsters. The Ruger Super Blackhawk Single-Action Revolver represents a great value in a big game hunting or target-shooting sidearm. Made in USA.

  • Designed specifically for the .44 magnum cartridge
  • Solid steel cylinder-frame and grip-frame
  • Ultra durable coil springs throughout
  • Super Blackhawk hammer spur
  • Transfer bar ignition system
  • Natural pointing grip pattern
  • Click adjustable rear sight
  • Patridge type front sight
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