River2Sea Larry Dahlberg Series Rattling Whopper Plopper

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Designed by Larry Dahlberg, River2Sea's Dahlberg Series Rattling Whopper Plopper is a topwater, bass-sized lure that operates at a range of speeds. At a super-slow crawl, all you hear are its tiny glass beads as they're shaken back and forth with each tail rotation. Speed it up and it throws water with a whopping sound that rings the dinner bell for all hungry bass in the vincinity.

Because it casts a mile, it's great for covering large areas and flats. And because it works at such a wide range of speeds, it's ideal for nailing down the most productive speed and rhythm on any given day. Like the original Whopper Plopper, the Dahlberg Series sports a flexible tail that's tuned right out of they box—and stays tuned forever. In summary, this lure's strengths include: long, accurate casts; a wide range of speeds; and a wide range of commotion and sound.

  • Casts a mile
  • Operates at a wide range of speeds
  • Tiny glass beads rattle up strikes
  • Throws water with a whopping sound
  • Flexible tail
  • Ready to fish, right out of the box
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