Hunter's Specialties H.S. Strut 3 Ultimate Starter Mouth Turkey Call Pack

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Enjoy Premium Flex™ call capability tailored more for the beginning and developing turkey hunter with the Hunter's Specialties® H.S. Strut® Expert Edge 3 Mouth Turkey Call Set. This high performance set from Hunter's Specialties combines 3 high performance Premium Flex™ mouth calls, the Double Dead, Cutt'n 2.5, and Double D, to give developing callers the ability to deliver a great variety of true-to-life calls in the woods. The calls' Premium Flex frame offers more comfortable use and better shape retention than other frame types for perfect calling pitch time after time. Ultra-thin Infinity Latex® reeds require less air pressure to run, giving hunters more realistic sounds. The Double Dead features 2 reeds with a special cut top top reed. The Cuttin' 2.5 features 2-1/2 reeds with a cutter-style notch in the top reed for good rasp and volume. The Double D's unique reed separation and 2-reed no cut design creates high-pitched, soft calls.
Manufacturer model #: 05933.

  • Effective turkey call set tailored for beginning and developing turkey hunters
  • Combines Double Dead, Cutt'n 2.5, and Double D mouth calls
  • Premium Flex frame - comfortable to use, retains shape for consistent performance
  • Infinity Latex reeds - requires less air pressure for more realistic sound
  • Double Dead - 2-reed call with special cut top reed
  • Cutt'n 2.5 - 2-1/2 reeds with a cutter-style notch in the top reed
  • Double D - 2 reeds with no cut
  • Moisture resistant for longer life
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