Creme Speed Scremer

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Creme Speed Scremer

If you're looking for a creature bait with a truly unique underwater signature to crack a tough bass bite, try tipping your jig or rig with a Creme Speed Scremer. Its compact array of 4 legs and 6 fins work together to create a highly appealing presentation for many situations. The fins stream down the length of the body, causing the bait to quiver as it drops, then channeling water over the rear legs for heightened action even on a slow retrieve. The knobbed front legs thrash wildly as you pull the lure through cover, and the Speed Scremer's extended body will easily accept an upsized hook when the situation calls for it.

  • Unique underwater signature
  • 4 legs, 6 fins create an appealing presentation
  • Adaptable to many situations
  • Bait quivers as it drops
  • Fins stream water over the rear legs for heightened action
  • Knobbed front legs thrash wildly
  • Extended body can handle larger hooks
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