9er's Lures New England 6-Arm Eel Umbrella Rig

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Long known as one of the world's deadliest trolling setups for monster stripers. This version of the original 9er's Lures New England 6-Arm Eel Umbrella Rig is built around a 6-arm bent bar and comes pre-rigged with 13 Got Stryper 7" Eel bodies and one 6" shad body. 7 of the Eels are teaser baits, and 6 have hooks; the shad is rigged on a hook at the end of the center stinger leader made of stout monofilament. The eels feature a series of molded-in depressions that create a lifelike undulating action, followed by the irresistibly violent pulsing of the shad's paddletail. Total rig length: 32". Because multiple hookups frequently occur with this rig, 9er's Lures recommends running the New England 6-Arm Eel Umbrella Rig on appropriate 30-50 lb. class tackle, using 50-100 lb. super braid or wire with a 4-8'L, 80-100 lb. mono or fluorocarbon leader between the main line and the rig. Heavy-duty, tangle-free design; includes storage tube.

  • One of the world's deadliest striper systems
  • Heavy-duty 6-arm bent bar construction
  • Pre-rigged with fourteen plastic bodies
  • 13 Got Stryper 7" Eel bodies plus one 6" shad teaser
  • 7 no-hook teasers, 7 bodies with hooks
  • Center stinger with stout mono leader
  • Total rig length: 32"
  • Tangle-free design
  • Includes storage tube
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