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Model 2121 (ca. 1960) and 2126 (ca. 1968) were the first over and under combination guns to be developed at VOERE in the 60s..These models where ahead of the time in terms of safety features, due to the tang levers additional function as cocking lever. These short and compact guns where also comparatively inexpensive.Up to the mid-80's approx. 30,000 pcs. Where produced.Their most recognizable features are: single lock, hand-cocking and outstanding accuracy. The main problem about combination guns is bad accuracy when several rounds are fired within a short time, as in most traditional designs both barrels are soldered together. Restraint occurs when for example several rounds are fired through the rifle barrel, leading to expansion, while the shotgun barrel remains cool. The solution was to give the rifle barrel sideways guidance by a short barrel liner while allowing it free length-wise expansion. Thus, the rifle barrels oscillation does not get disturbed by the shotgun barrel which again leads to accuracy formerly unknown in combination guns. Later on, a adjustable barrel liner to allow exact adjustment was added. Today this, or very similar, constructions are used by almost any producer of combination guns. Our combination gun models can be decocked by turning the tang lever to the very left, then letting it back to center position while pressing the trigger. Much like decocking a single action revolver. MADE BETWEEN 1965 AND 1982 http://voere.com/en/
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