Heckler & Koch GmbH ~ USP9 ~ 9mmX19

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This traditional single action and double action (SA/DA) handgun is a Heckler & Koch GmbH USP V1 (Variant 1) chambered in 9mmX19. Heckler and Koch's Universal Self-Loading Pistol, better known as the USP, is a true firearms success story in what has become a highly competitive worldwide handgun market. In order to succeed in this arena, a handgun must not only meet the criteria for which it was designed, but must actually exceed most of them. In essence, a good firearm is synergistic – it is greater than the sum of its parts. The USP is such a pistol. It combines the best of traditional firearms with the best of state-of-the-art firearms technology. The USP is a highly reliable, durable and high-quality firearm, ideal for concealed carry use, recreational shooting as well as law enforcement and military applications. A lot of engineering effort was put into this HK design. When you buy an HK you can feel the quality that's been built into it. The recoil system used by the USP is noteworthy. Rather than utilize a single recoil spring and guide rod as was the norm at the time of its development, the USP features a captive dual spring recoil assembly. When the handgun is fired, the larger outer spring serves as the primary recoil spring. At the rear-most part of the cycling motion, when the slide is nearly at its rearmost position, the inner spring is engaged as a recoil buffer. HK has claimed that in addition to reducing stress on the firearm, the spring system also reduces felt recoil by as much as 30%. This firearm is in excellent condition. It comes with factory hard case, Operator's Manual, tool, and two magazines total
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