Acme Hyper Hammer T.T. Jig

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Like no jigging minnow ever, the Acme® Hyper Hammer T.T. Jig accentuates its amazing action with ultra-loud supersonic vibrations that call fish in from great distances. The unique design incorporates not only a glass rattling eyeball, but also a sliding brass hammer on a thru-body shaft that sends out ultra-loud supersonic vibrations, compelling fish to react even in murky water. Plus, you can really spice up your presentation for the toughest days: the replaceable Tunable Tail can be rotated 360°, allowing you to set it in any position – up, down, sideways – to modify the direction your bait moves on the upstroke and fall. With these innovations, the Hyper Hammer T.T. Jig becomes the most versatile lure in your tackle box, on the ice or open water.

  • Most versatile lure in your box
  • Jigging minnow with unique design
  • Extreme sound and motion attraction
  • Glass rattling eyeball
  • Thru-body sliding brass hammer
  • Tunable Tail can be repositioned to change the action
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