Ramshot Smokeless Powder

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Ramshot Smokeless Powder

Ramshot powders feature excellent lot-to-lot consistency and will meet or exceed the requirements of all shooting enthusiasts, from serious competitors to casual shooters.

  • Big Game rifle powder is ideally suited to the .270 and .30-06 cartridge classes. It also performs well in short-action cartridges, especially .22-250, 6mm and 7mm-08 loads. Per 1-lb. bottle.
  • X-Terminator is a double-based, spherical rifle powder for the high-volume .223 varmint hunter. A clean-burning powder, X-Terminator will not bridge going into the small diameter necks of the .22 centerfire calibers and produces excellent velocities. Ideal for .222, .223 and .22 Benchrest. Per 1-lb. bottle.
  • Hunter is the perfect spherical rifle powder for medium-caliber rifles. Hunter meters great, is clean burning and produces outstanding velocities in traditional medium-caliber cartridges and short-magnum cartridges. Performs consistently throughout a wide range of temperatures. Ideal for .270 and Winchester short-magnum calibers. Per 1-lb. bottle.
  • TAC is a versatile rifle powder that performs well in a number of different calibers. TAC attains some of the industry's highest velocities for 80-grain .223-caliber bullets while maintaining SAAMI pressure guidelines. TAC is a double-based powder with exceptionally consistent metering and charge weights. Ideal for .223 and .308. Per 1-lb. bottle.
  • True Blue is a double-based, spherical pistol powder that performs extremely well in most handgun cases. Load range is from .380 Auto. to .454 Casull weights. The powder's physical size contributes to excellent metering properties and consistency of charge weights when run through a progressive loader. High-bulk density contributes to a fuller case capacity and more consistent loads. Ideal for 9mm, .38 Special, .357 Mag, and .45 ACP. Per 1-lb. bottle.
  • Silhouette™ is a double-base high-performance spherical powder that's great for compettive shooters in IPSC, IDPA and USPSA. Low-flash signature, high velocity and clean-burning properties make it perfect for indoor ranges and low-enforcement applications.

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