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Be prepared to bring that big tom home this spring with the right gear and the right know how from Bass Pro Shops!

Shotgun or bow, in a blind or on the ground, box, friction, or mouth call, Spring Turkey Hunting 101 helps you find the best supplies and the best how to tips and strategies for how you hunt. Whether you need help with hunting safety, scouting, calling, or shooting the elusive wild turkey, Bass Pro's Spring Turkey Hunting 101 has you covered.

RedHead® Hunting Vests

A basic essential for any turkey hunter, the vest works to organize your gear, provide a comfortable spot to sit, and a helpful way to haul your trophy out of the woods.

NEW RedHead® Striker Turkey Vests for Men
Turkey Vest Buyer's Guide

(Posted by Don Sangster)
Turkey hunting is one of the most exciting and fastest growing forms of hunting today. Wild turkeys are hunted in 49 States and four Canadian Provinces. Many of these places offer both a spring and fall hunting season. Although there are differences in how turkeys are hunted in each season, one thing the two seasons have in common is the need for the hunter to be able to call in a turkey. Read More...

RedHead® Hunting Boots

A good turkey hunting boot makes all the difference when it?s time to track down your Gobbler. Crossing streams, hiking ridges, or walking thru a dew-soaked field and you?ll be glad your relying on high-quality, waterproof and comfortable footwear this spring.

RedHead® RedHead® Bayou Zip Camo Waterproof Non-Insulated Snake Boots for Men

RedHead® Box Calls

For beginners and experts alike, a box call is a vital addition to their pursuit. Box calls carry sound farther and cut the wind locating and calling toms with clear and true turkey sounds.

RedHead® Deluxe Box Turkey Call - Walnut/Sassafras
Selecting Your Turkey Calls

(Posted by Tom Claycomb)
If you told me that I could only carry one call when turkey hunting I'd go into anaphylactic shock! Read this article and I'll convince you to do the same. I'm going to go through a list of calls and why I like them. I'll try to narrow it down and notate the ones that I think are absolutely necessary, but it will be tough. Read More...

RedHead® Push Button Calls

Push button calls are some of the simplest to operate and don?t require hardly any hand movement. Easy to use for anyone, they are the perfect addition to any hunt for those light yelps, clucks and purrs that bring a tom in those last few steps.

RedHead® RTX Purple Push/Pull Turkey Box Call
Early Season Calling Tactics for Turkeys

(Posted by Global Outfitters Outdoor University )
If early season turkeys are still be bunched up in their wintering flocks or just beginning to break up into smaller breeding flocks, there are a variety of different calls I like to use. Each call has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well. One thing is for sure: Spring turkeys have their own type of behavior, but turkey hunters can use those behaviors to thier advantage. Read More...

RedHead® Caps, Face Masks & Gloves

Full camo is a critical part of concealment. Covering your head, hands and face keeps turkeys from picking you out of cover. Go undetected and give yourself the edge when it counts.


RedHead® Strut Zone Touch Tip Gloves for Men

Face Masks

NEW RedHead® Spandex 3/4 Face Mask


NEW RedHead® 3-D Logo Hunting Caps

RedHead® Decoys

Coaxing a longbeard into shotgun range is often helped with the presence of a realistic decoy. A hen decoy perks his interest and gives that extra boost of confidence in your setup.

RedHead® Turkey Decoy — Look Back Hen
Turkey Decoy Buying Guide

(Posted by Tom Claycomb)
When I was a kid I never heard of a turkey decoy. Now, there are a ton to choose from. Which one is the best? I don't want to beat around the bush, but to answer that question I'll have to first ask you a few questions. Read More...

RedHead® Locator Calls

From early morning owl hoots to midday crow calls, a sharp and loud sound will set off a tom?s instinct to gobble and reveal his location. Locator calls are a tried and true method of giving you the edge on your hunt.

RedHead® Strike-Out Locator Three Pack

RedHead® Hunting Clothing

To be successful in the spring you not only want the best camo patterns, but you want them on clothes designed for the season. Breathable, light and unrestrictive clothing keeps you comfortable and concealed.

NEW RedHead® Tec-Lite Camo Shirts for Men - Long Sleeve
RedHead® Tec-Lite Camo Pants for Men
Turkey Hunting Clothing Basics

(Posted by Don Sangster)
Turkey hunting is one of the most exciting pursuits that a sportsman can undertake. But specialized clothing is needed to fool a sharp-eyed gobbler and lure him into shooting range. Here is what you need to know to get started in this thrilling sport. Read More...

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Scouting Strategies for Spring Gobblers

(Posted by Gerald Almy)
It's a simple, stark truth. But it's one far too many of us who seek out long-bearded gobblers in spring ignore. The hunter who does the most preparation and puts the most work in before the opener is the one who will likely be toting out a hefty bird when turkey season arrives. Read More...