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GUIDES by Steve Felgenhauer:

Choosing a Shotgun
Choosing a Shotgun (guide)
If ever there was a firearm for all seasons, it would have to be the shotgun. Learn all about different shotgun styles and how to choose the best "scattergun" for your hunting and shooting needs.

Choosing a Hunting Handgun
Choosing a Hunting Handgun (guide)
If you're up for a challenge, pick up a handgun before next hunting season. Our guide to hunting handguns will help you select the right type and caliber for your quarry.

Slug Gun Buying Guide
Slug Gun Buying Guide (guide)
If you haven't picked up a new slug gun in a while, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

Modern Technology Meets the Turkey Shotgun
Modern Technology Meets the Turkey Shotgun (guide)
You only get one chance at a big boss gobbler. By choosing the right shotgun, choke and ammunition combination you can stack the odds in your favor.
HOWTOS by Steve Felgenhauer:

Hunting Lease 101
Hunting Lease 101 (howto)
Considering a hunting lease? Welcome to Lease Hunting 101, a crash course covering the basic types of hunting leases and how they can enhance your hunting season next fall.

Glass Bedding a Rifle
Glass Bedding a Rifle (howto)
Bedding a rifle doesn't require voodoo or even luck...but patience helps.

Shotgun Stock Fitting
Shotgun Stock Fitting (howto)
One of the most important things you can do to improve your shooting is get a proper fit on your shotgun stock. If your gunstock isn't as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt, read on to find out how to get a proper fit.
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