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GUIDES by Michael D. Faw:

3-D Targets for Backyard Bowhunts
3-D Targets for Backyard Bowhunts (guide)
Shooting life-size 3-D targets helps you with arrow placement and yardage estimations when preparing for archery season. It's also a whole lot of fun.

Choosing an RV
Choosing an RV (guide)
Choosing an RV can be tough, but understanding the pros and cons of each style can make the process a little less difficult.

Daypack Buying Guide
Daypack Buying Guide (guide)
When a fanny pack is too small and a backpack is too big, what do you do? Answer: Load up the daypack.

Great Camp Gadgets
Great Camp Gadgets (guide)
Roughing it is ancient history thanks to modern campsite gadgetry. Gear up and get out there!

Fly Reel Buyer's Guide
Fly Reel Buyer's Guide (guide)
Having the proper reel affixed in the rod's reel seat can mean more fishing action — and less frustration.
HOWTOS by Michael D. Faw:

Take a Hike!
Take a Hike! (howto)
Hiking is an enjoyable outdoor activity that can be done by all ages. Here are some things to consider when taking your next hiking trip.

A Safe Campsite
A Safe Campsite (howto)
Safety is important when heading out to camp in the great outdoors. Here are a few things to remember on your next outing.

Bowhunting Small Game
Bowhunting Small Game (howto)
If you hang your bow up for the 10 months that some hunters mistakenly refer to as the off-season, you're missing out on some of the most challenging and satisfying hunting that an archery enthusiast can experience.

Release Now!
Release Now! (howto)
Archery deer hunting is a close game where seconds count. If you're not ready when a shot presents itself, you may not get a second chance.

Ultimate RV Destinations
Ultimate RV Destinations (howto)
RVs can help you explore fishing, hunting, hiking and camping destinations. With so many options, the most difficult part of your next RV trip could be deciding where to go.

Scouting with Google Earth
Scouting with Google Earth (howto)
Google Earth -- a free program that combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search -- offers hunters a new way to scout and gather important information before the hunt.

Tips for Safe Travels with Dogs
Tips for Safe Travels with Dogs (howto)
Life on the highway can be filled with dangers for hunting dogs, but most can be avoided if you prepare and plan properly.

Open Country Whitetail Options
Open Country Whitetail Options (howto)
Deer are often found in places you overlook -- the open areas considered prime rabbit and pheasant hunting grounds. Learn how to hunt these open country whitetails.

A Cutting-Edge Education on Deer
A Cutting-Edge Education on Deer (howto)
Modern instructional media is helping hunters grasp basic and advanced concepts of deer hunting. Read on to learn how computers, software, DVDs and other tools are helping the development of fledgling hunters.

Boating Safety: Getting it Right
Boating Safety: Getting it Right (howto)
Misunderstandings and myths abound when it comes to boating rules and safety. Read on to learn basic boating rules and safety suggestions.

Long-Distance Song Dogs
Long-Distance Song Dogs (howto)
Coyotes that have been hunted become cautious. So, before you go running-and-gunning for coyotes, maybe it's time to plan a new long-range hunting strategy.

Elk by the Numbers
Elk by the Numbers (howto)
Sometimes the route to punching your elk tag can be as simple as following the numbers. While not required rules, these steps will help lead you toward success.

Walk Up a Buck
Walk Up a Buck (howto)
Using walk-and-stalk techniques for white-tailed deer is a challenge, no doubt. But you can put a buck in your rifle sights by following just a few simple guidelines.

Become a Deer Detective
Become a Deer Detective (howto)
Your next bruiser buck is waiting, but do you know where?

Plink a Pest
Plink a Pest (howto)
Join in for some hot summer shooting action!

Scout for Trout
Scout for Trout (howto)
Fly fishing success often hinges on proper scouting. Once you've gathered the details, only then is it time to rush to the stream.

After Antlers
After Antlers (howto)
Shed hunting is a growing craze. Not only is it a great way to study deer habits and habitat, it's also a great way to foster interest in the outdoors for future generations.

Gobblers that Don't
Gobblers that Don't (howto)
Gobblers that keep their bills shut and their heads down live longer and grow gray beards. Incorporate the following techniques into your spring hunt to harvest these silent gobblers.

Coy as a Coyote
Coy as a Coyote (howto)
Coyotes are quick learners with long memories. Be ready before you begin sounding like a meal.

Mule Deer Dreams
Mule Deer Dreams (howto)
Attention to the "Dos" and "Don'ts" can mean a filled deer tag, or an empty frying pan.

Fall's Fly Fishing Frenzy
Fall's Fly Fishing Frenzy (howto)
The leaves are changing – so should you.

Summer Trout Tactics
Summer Trout Tactics (howto)
When summer temperatures soar, you must adapt if you want to hook and land trout. Try these tactics to beat the heat and catch summer trout.
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