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Capt. Joe Richard

Capt. Joe Richard
Joe Richard served as editor with Tide magazine in Houston and also as a magazine and book editor for Florida Sportsman magazine in Stuart, Fla. He's written articles for outdoor publications since 1978 and his photo website, Seafavorites.com, has 3,950 high-res photos. Richard's latest book, titled "The Kingfish Bible, New Revelations," offers insight into tournament fishing and many other aspects of this sporty fish.
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GUIDES by Capt. Joe Richard:

Jon Boats in Saltwater? You Bet!
Jon Boats in Saltwater? You Bet! (guide)
Aluminum Jon boats cost very little to operate and can go almost anywhere -- even saltwater.

Saltwater Reel Buyer's Guide
Saltwater Reel Buyer's Guide (guide)
Presentation and target species are the two biggest factors to consider when shopping for a new saltwater reel. If you're having trouble deciding what style and size is best for you, this guide to saltwater reels will help answer your questions.
HOWTOS by Capt. Joe Richard:

Kings on Artificials
Kings on Artificials (howto)
When live bait runs out while offshore, look to these artificial lures — sometimes kingfish like them more!

Tarpon Basics
Tarpon Basics (howto)
If you're considering trying to land a tarpon, here is some basic information on landing this big-game fish.

Tilefish Tactics
Tilefish Tactics (howto)
Anglers are dropping deeper and cranking up tilefish like never before. To find out how you can catch tasty tilefish, read on.

Shallow Saltwater Fishing
Shallow Saltwater Fishing (howto)
Thin water remains a treasure trove -- a haven for quality gamefish.

Jetty Fishing Tricks
Jetty Fishing Tricks (howto)
Jetties hold an abundance of saltwater gamefish. Learn how to fish these large, man-made rock structures in the following article.

Make Mine a Topwater Lure
Make Mine a Topwater Lure (howto)
Topwater baits require timing, eye-to-hand coordination and mental control. For tips and destinations for saltwater and freshwater topwater action, read on.

Sheepshead Provide
Sheepshead Provide (howto)
Sheepshead -- winter's most dependable bay action from Georgia to Texas -- provide reliable winter sport and a tasty treat on the table.

Winter Partyboat Fishing
Winter Partyboat Fishing (howto)
Booking a partyboat trip out to deep water is often your best bet for success once winter takes hold.

Redfish Autumn Run
Redfish Autumn Run (howto)
Autumn action on big reds can be fast, furious and non-stop until anglers can take no more.

Boat Trailer Preventive Maintenance
Boat Trailer Preventive Maintenance (howto)
This article covers preventive maintenance and offers a basic pre-trip checklist to keep your rig rolling smoothly all the way to the boat ramp and back home.

Summer Snapper Season
Summer Snapper Season (howto)
Shorter seasons and conservative bag limits mean you're better off targeting big fish, but how? Read on to find out.

Getting Serious with Pompano
Getting Serious with Pompano (howto)
Looking for pompano? The following three scenes provide the best odds of a choice pompano gracing your dinner table.

Pier Fishing Purists
Pier Fishing Purists (howto)
Surf piers supply countless quality fish in a social setting. However, like other styles, pier fishing is not without its own specialized tackle and tactics. Read on to learn more.

Saltwater Fly-Fishing Adventures
Saltwater Fly-Fishing Adventures (howto)
Hot bonefish action in Mexico!

Kite Fishing Basics
Kite Fishing Basics (howto)
A finely-tuned kite-fishing system is a thing of beauty and a constant source of action in the right conditions.

Surf Fishing Basics
Surf Fishing Basics (howto)
You don't need a big expensive boat for productive saltwater fishing. But before you head to the beach, check out these tips on reading the surf, choosing baits and tackle and locating fish.

Heavy-Metal Jigs
Heavy-Metal Jigs (howto)
Heavy-metal jigging is so effective because it's simple to master, requires little effort and allows greater access to prime gathering spots like shipwrecks, rising spikes and deep holes.

Wade Fishing Saltwater
Wade Fishing Saltwater (howto)
More saltwater anglers are turning to shallow water and wade fishing -- tactics that use little or no gas -- with great results. Learn all about their stealthy tactics in the article that follows.

Probing the Depths with Deep Droppers
Probing the Depths with Deep Droppers (howto)
Sending baited hooks down almost a fifth of a mile isn't for everyone, but it is a kick to catch and see new fish. Tasty ones, too. For deep-drop fishing tactics and tackle suggestions, read on.

Dancing the Saltwater Jig
Dancing the Saltwater Jig (howto)
Jigs are versatile and very effective. They can be fished at any depth, and they'll catch almost every species that swims.

Natural Baits for Cobia
Natural Baits for Cobia (howto)
When Cobia won't have anything else to eat, give them a little live bait.

Musing Over Natural Baits for Cobia
Musing Over Natural Baits for Cobia (howto)
Cobia have earned the reputation as a finicky customer, parading around the boat, driving anglers mad by refusing to eat.

Crankin' Up Grouper
Crankin' Up Grouper (howto)
There's nothing like watching a trolling rod double over with a big grouper on the end of your line. It's easy and exciting sport.
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