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There is a growing number of Bass Pro Shops Stores across the country. If there’s so many then what makes the Bass Pro Shops in Katy, Texas so special? The people. Our associates are friendly, helpful, and can either answer your questions or find someone who works in the store that can. There’s also an assortment of things to do and see. We have events all year round for children young and young at heart. Check out our events section or our Facebook to stay up to date about events and selected sales/items. If you’d like to schedule a tour of the store then send us an email or give us a call!

You can’t make it in, but you’d still like to tour the store? Alright, come with me and we’ll tour the store together.

As you approach the store from the parking lot you might notice that there are boats everywhere! If you really like them I can introduce you to some people that can help you procure one. When we walk in the front entrance of the store Customer Service is on our left and there are taxidermy animals on the right including a huge bear, oh my! There’s memorabilia and pictures and even MORE taxidermy animals on the walls!! If we look up we can see a HUGE chandelier that is made of antlers. As we proceed forward we are greeted by the lady/gentleman at the greeter’s stand. We can get an ad containing all the AWESOME deals and sales currently going on in the store as we go through the turnstiles. This is also where we can check in any equipment we brought with us – bows, arrows, guns, etc. We can make a pit stop or get ourselves a cart; electric carts on the left by customer service and before you ask, yes we do have handicap accessible entrances as well.
As we proceed forward men’s apparel is on our left and the marine department is on our right. The marine department has so many cool things. It has life jackets which are VERY important for all ages and sizes. Did you know that you have to wear a life jacket until you’re 13 according to and that everyone has to have one in easy reach? The marine department also has things to help us maintain the boat we’re going to get (or that we already have). There are fun toys for in the water and there are some sweet gadgets that will come in handy like fish finders and water proof cases for important things. Our marine employees are very resourceful and can help us find items for great prices based on our wants/needs.

The next department we come to is Tracker. Tracker is where the ultimate things on the water are sold: boats! We can look at Nitro, Mako, Tahoe, Sun Tracker and SeaCraft boats; we can even get into some of the boats and look around; we can sit in the captain’s chair and pretend we’re in the water. Just imagine: driving the boat over the open water with the wind in our hair and the sky clear as a fresh slate, not a cloud in sight. The Tracker associates can help you pick out a boat to take home with you and all the little things you want to add to it to make it yours.

Another fast vehicle in this area of the store: ATV’s! There are Bad Boy Buggys, Arctic Cats and Side by Sides. Off road vehicles sure are fun and the marine department has lots of things just for those speedy devices of fun.

Now there’re two options as to how to move forward through the store. If we keep going towards the back of the store we can go through the fishing department and find the rainwear section of apparel. Or, if we turn left from the boats we can look at the fish tank. If we’re here on a Sunday at 1 p.m. we can go watch the fish being fed! The fish tank is a 20,000 gallon aquarium with lots of different fish in it. If there are little bitties (children) some of them can throw live little fish into the tank for the big fish to eat! It’s super exciting!!!

Men’s apparel is on the left as we walk past the fish tank, it has lots of great stuff – from work wear to fun in the sun outfits. Fishing is on the right as we walk past the aquarium. There’s fishing poles and tackle boxes and kids size stuff and a fly fishing shop and bait out the wazoo! The fishing department is spectacular, you could spend all day just walking around and looking at everything. There’re so many different kinds and types and flavors and shapes and sizes of bait. Some of them even smell! AND there’s live bait… the worms are alive, and they move…

Along the back wall of the fishing department there are two things. If you look to the right along the back wall the rainwear area is in the corner close to the boating offices where we signed paperwork for that new boat we decided we had to have. There’s all the rainwear we have and it’s a pretty good collection. There are ponchos and rain bibs and jackets and lots of rainwear options. However, if you take a left along the wall you will run into the White River Fly Shop. Boy oh boy is that a sight to see. There are so many flys and things to make flys. The left wall when you walk in is a rainbow of fly parts. The right wall is gear. The fly section also has things to help you make a fly and the back wall has a glass display counter with reels in it.

If you’re looking at the fly shop, about to go in, turn to the left and follow the back wall. When you reach the Yeti coolers, stop. You can now go to your right and make a pit stop or you can go to the left to enjoy the realm of the camping department. When you turn left you’ll see Yeti coolers of various sizes as well as Coleman coolers and even Igloo coolers. There are countless items in different shapes, sizes, and colors to keep things cool including you; some of the drinking containers come with spoons (Thermos). There are so many things and so many different ways to use them. Once you get past the coolers (there’s SO much more to see) if you keep walking forward then you get to the tents. The tents range in size anywhere from being able to fit one to ten or more people in the tents (they are HUGE).

If you get a tent then you have to get a sleeping bag. We have sleeping bags along the back wall that can fit one person- regular, big, tall, small, and extra-long- or two people! They come in different temperature ranges as well as colors and shapes. While you’re here you should have an associate fit you for one. If you buy a tent, you’ll need a sleeping bag. If you get a sleeping bag, you’ll want a pad for under it to make it warmer and more comfortable as well as a liner for inside it so it’s easier to take care of and keep clean. If you buy all these things then you’ll also want survival and first aid kits as well as cookware and utensils. There are a million different things to choose from, lots of collapsible, stackable, multiuse items.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you will have everything you will need to go camping by the time you leave Bass Pro Shops. You’ll have a tent, a chair/stool/bucket of some kind, and a sleeping bag with a liner and sleeping mat. You’ll have cooking utensils and a pot of some kind to cook in, maybe even a coffee pot. You’ll have a collapsible water bottle or a backpack that can carry water (either way you still need a backpack as well, which we have of course) and a water filtration system of some kind – the Sawyer Mini and the Life Straw are my personal favorites. You’ll have bug spray (I use Permethrin) and sun screen. There are so many things! But you’ll be prepared.
Now that you’re prepared we can continue walking towards to mall entrance to the store. As we walk towards the mall entrance we pass the grills, fryers, and other cooking gadgets and tools. There are meat grinders, spices, mixes, and vacuum sealers. There’re meat smokers too.  You might be asking what Uncle Buck’s is since we can see the sign for it as we approach the mall entrance and the arcade. Uncle Buck’s is sort of like a mom and pop corner store. You can see all sorts of spices and mixes and dressings and BBQ sauce, lots and lots of BBQ sauce. There are also Uncle Buck’s fishing products if we go back over to the fishing department. We can now see the arcade; it’s staring at us just inviting us to come play the games. If there’s an event going on it’s probably going to be set up here in the back. It’s fun watching the kids play and enjoy the workshops and activities. Next to the arcade, as we start walking towards the front of the store, is the camo department.

The camo department has just about all of the clothes you’ll need for any of the hunting seasons, remember – rainwear is by fishing. There’s base layers, shirts, jackets, pants, hats, face masks, gloves, belts. It covers you bases for blending in outside. The outer layers that are available are different depending on goal and season. They’ll keep you warm in the winter and concealed in all the seasons.

Another interesting thing about the camo department is its taxidermy animals. Now there’re taxidermy animals all over the store but the taxidermy animals in camo is something else entirely. In the camo department there is a coyote, a turkey, two pigs, a buck, some geese and ducks, and a bobcat and a cougar or two. There are raccoons and squirrels all over the store, maybe some bears and foxes, and even a skunk or three. But the taxidermy animals in camo are the grouping that, I think, if you don’t go see any of the other taxidermy animals in the store – go see the taxidermy animals in camo. It’s where I take kids when I lead tours of the store because they love the animals.

As we’re leaving camo the blinds and tree stands are RIGHT THERE in front of us. It’s kind of hard to miss them. They’re big. There are some options though – ground, box, tripod, and waterfowl blinds. There are also a myriad of accessories including chairs. If you want to be super stylish you can match your clothes and your blind. Realistically it’s a good idea because it helps hide you. Matching the pattern of your blind and the pattern of the camo you’re wearing is a good idea because it helps camouflage you and your scouted location where you’re sighting from; you match them both to the season and location.

Tree stands are available and on the trees in the store by the blinds. Stands and equipment are all available -from stands, to pulleys, to rigs, to rope and carabineers, it’s all available to you.
Behind the blinds and stands or to the side of camo – depending on how you look at it- is archery. Archery is one of my favorite parts of the store. It also encompasses the knives. Our archery department has bow, arrows, nocks, tips, targets, and other gear you may need. What is so cool? The fact that we also have left-handed bows and starter kits for kids of most any age is what’s so cool. The other thing that makes it memorable is our range. We have an archery range next to the workshop that costs a minimal fee for the WHOLE DAY… That’s right, you heard me correctly. Our archery range is open and available to the public for a minimal fee.

And on to our next excursion: HUNTING!!!! There are guns and bullets and protective gear, oh my! There are lots of things in the hunting department, there are items to help conceal your scent, there are calls of all breeds, there are cases for guns, there are gun safes, there are things for dogs, and there are all sorts of accessories. No matter what you’re hunting we have lots and lots of things to help you bag your game. The associates in hunting at are amazing at what they do. There are some that can help you find what you’re looking for just from hearing the description of the item.

There’s tons more to talk about in hunting, but that would take a long time – the short of it is that as we move through it our heads are going to be constantly turning to each side to try to see ALL THE THINGS.

After we leave the hunting department we move on to footwear. Footwear is interesting: there are hand and foot warmers, there are shoes of many kinds, which we’ll get to in a moment, and there are socks. You might wonder why I’m mentioning the socks. They are tied at the hip to shoes – you buy socks when you buy shoes. There’s something different about our socks that is priceless and different from all the other socks.

Yes, they are comfy. Yes, they come in different types. Yes, the ones for boots are specific to the type of boot you’ll be wearing to help bring you the most comfort possible – which is really intriguing and true. But, the big thing, the gargantuan hoopla that I’m making, is that some Bass Pro Shops Socks… come with a lifetime guarantee… That’s right, you heard me. Some Bass Pro Shops Socks some with a lifetime guarantee. There are three different socks that this applies to for men in the RedHead brand and one pair for women in the Natural Reflections brand. These socks are useful, comfy, and durable. We should definitely get some to take home.
So we were talking about footwear before I got distracted with the socks. There is, of course, you’re everyday shoes: athletic shoes, casual shoes, sandals, and slippers. Alright, the important part - boots. There are some really great, really useful, really comfortable and attractive boots (with socks to go with them). There are duty boots, hiking boots, hunting boots, pac boots, rubber boots, wellington boots, western boots, and work boots. The really important boot is the hunting boot. There aren’t JUST hunting boots, there are hunting boots that are insulated or uninsulated, there are snakeproof boots, and of course rubber boots.

If you were looking for waders, they would be here as well.

Back to boots.

Depending on what type of boots or shoes you get, there’s probably a sock that’s made specifically for it.

Now if we head to the front of the store across the walkway is kids and gift and there’s also gifts and home furnishing to our right in the front corner of the store. Let’s keep walking to the corner and we’ll come back to the kids department.

I call this section of the store the home furnishing department because there’re big comfy recliners and art work for the walls and stuff like that, but it’s still a part of gifts. Yes, there are also things like coffee mugs but it’s the big stuff that catches the eye – hence the name home furnishing.

That section we passed that we haven’t visited yet? The section with the open roofed porch cover a wind chimes and bird feeders and a giant tree? That’s a combination of the kids section and gifts and the sunglasses section is on the other side of the porch cover. The gifts/kids section is fun; there are baby clothes, a tree house, kid’s clothes, books, toys, wind chimes, birdfeeders, and more. It’s very, very pretty to look at and the toys are fun to play with, you should take some home and test them out.

The sunglass counter is on the other side of all the pretty and fun. There are some nice sunglasses as well as some really high quality sunglasses. There are Maui Jims, Oakleys’, Costas, Under Armour and so many more. There is also jewelry and other sparkly things.
We’re about to be back to the front of the store now. We need to grab some taffy from the candy cart and pay for the stuff we picked up on our tour. I know, we picked up a lot of stuff, but now we’re prepared to take our boat and go camping before and/or after we go fishing and hunting. We’re properly outfitted, we’re educated, and we’re going to go on an adventure! Well, you are. I need to go help the customer over there. I hope you had fun and I can’t wait to hear about your adventure. Come back soon!!!

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