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Welcome to Springfield and the Grandaddy of all Outdoor Stores. We are the original Bass Pro Shops and are located in the heart of Springfield, Missouri at the intersection of Campbell and Sunshine Street. Our store is almost 500,000 square feet in size and is dedicated to the beauty of the outdoors with art from local artists and craftsmen prominently displayed on all the walls and ceilings making the store part shopping experience and part  museum visit.

Walking in you will find yourself immersed in a natural looking environment complete with waterfalls, springs and as many live fish as you can count. Here in store we have 7 large fish tanks. Our waterfall tank in store is home to all native fish including some large sturgeon! Along with our huge tanks is a particularly special exhibit to our store, the Alligator Pit. Until early this last year our Alligator Pit with two young female alligators.

Along with all the live fish and mounts we have two amazing museums here in the store. Located on our fourth floor are the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum and the Archery Hall of Fame. The NRA National Sporting Arms Museum is dedicated to showing the progression of sporting arms throughout history. The museum also includes a large portion of arms from famous people through history like Jesse James’ revolver and holster or Teddy Roosevelt’s hunting rifle. This museum is connected to the Archery Hall of Fame which takes a historical look at archery throughout the U.S. In the Archery Hall of Fame is the wall of members. On this wall are the likes of Fred Bear and other archers and manufacturers who have changed the sport in their own way. In our collection is the original prototype compound bow and Geronimo’s bow and quiver that he handmade.

In Bass Pro you never know what you will find! Look out for our Fudge and Coffee Shops at the Grand Entrance and by our registers. Or follow the big knife sign in the Hunting Department to our Knife Shop complete with knife sharpening post! If you are in need of a new bow but not sure which one is best let the guys in the Archery Department know and they will let you test one out on our indoor archery range! Maybe your thing is pistol shooting, head down into our Camping Department where you will find our Indoor Handgun Range where you can practice your technique! Right next to our Pistol Range you will find our Rifle Tube. You need a scope sighted in? Let our associates at the Rifle Tube know and they can sight in your scope up to 100 yards! Just across the aisle from the Pistol and Rifle Range is our Gun Smith Shop. Our trained associates can fix almost any problem you might have with your firearm and can give advice and cleaning services for just about any firearm imaginable!

Fish Feeding Shows: Come join us for our fish feeding shows at 10a.m. and 3p.m. in Uncle Bucks Auditorium on our ground floor to watch as our divers feed the fish and give a seminar on native Missouri fish!

NRA National Sporting Arms Museum and Archery Hall of Fame: 
While at the Grandaddy be sure to visit the Nationally acclaimed “ NRA’s National Sporting Arms Museum” and America’s one and only “Archery Hall of Fame”, located on the fourth floor and open from 10a.m. to 7p.m, every day, except Christmas.

A visit to the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum starts by climbing a grand stair case lined with 185 muzzle loading rifles acting as balusters (an elevator is available).  As you enter the front doors to the Museum, on your left are our “Time Line” displays, showcasing the historic development and use of fire-arms in the forming of the America, we know today.  These firearms and their stories traverse time from the landing of the Pilgrims to modern times.  You will see are dioramas featuring the “Lewis and Clark Expedition”, a buffalo hunter set up on his shooting sticks and the guns of kings, dukes and presidents featured among the over 1,000 artifacts on display.

The “Archery Hall of Fame” features the stories and artifacts of some of the most iconic and historic personalities in the world of Archery.  There are displays featuring Fred Bear, Ben Pearson, Howard Hill, Saxton Pope, Author Young, Ann and Earl Hoyt among many others.  You will see “Geronimo’s” bow and the prototype for the very first compound bow.  There are films from archeries golden age playing on screens throughout the Hall. Admission to both Museums is free.  Please plan on spending some time with us during your visit.

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