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Jimmy Ryan

My Hunting Info

  • Years Been Hunting: 60
  • Professional Affiliations: Grand Slam Club, SCI, NRA, Pope-Young, RMEF
  • Hunting Strength: Hunting dangerous game with a bow
  • Favorite Technique: Spot and Stalk
  • Favorite Game to Hunt: Big bears and elk
  • Favorite Hunting Gear: Silent Hide
  • Favorite Places to Hunt: Alaska, Colorado and Africa
  • Favorite Season to Hunt: Spring bear and bugle season for elk
  • Favorite Time to Hunt: All times
  • Favorite Way to Hunt: Stalking
  • Favorite Gear: PSE Bow, RedHead
    Blackout Arrows
  • Home: Alabaster, AL
  • Family: Angie (wife), 4 children, and 9 grandchildren
  • Hobbies: Hunting and Fishing
  • Rifle/Bow Preference: Bow hunter

Career Highlights

  • Biggest Kill: Polar bear (world record) with bow; elephant, polar bear, and more than 400 elk
  • Greatest Hunting Achievement: North America Super Slam with bow
  • Favorite Hunting Moment: When my wife, Angie, killed her Kodiak Brown Bear with a bow

My Weapons of Choice

Jimmy Ryan's Pro Picks

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Silent Hide

General Hunting Tips

I like to pick days to spot and stalk hunt when a brisk wind is blowing. This helps to cover movement and noise. Always wear quiet clothing and shoes. I prefer Redhead® Silent Hide® Pants and Shirts and RedHead® Silent-Hide 6" Waterproof Stalking Boots for Men. Move very slowly and do a lot of looking. You must see the game before it sees you. Always hunt into the wind. These trips help make me a successful spot and stalk hunter.

Bow & Gun Tips

When hunting with a bow or gun, you need to practice with that weapon to know what your limits are. Once you're in the field pursuing the game, you need to be able to pick the type of shot you are capable of making.

Some Things I Never Leave
Home Without


Streamlight® Super Tac® X C4® LED Flashlight

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RedHead® The Hunt Multi-Blade Knife

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Rain Gear

RedHead® Stretch Rainwear for Men

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Jimmie Ryan began his love of the outdoors during his early childhood in the picturesque coal mining country of West Virginia.

During difficult times, which brought extreme hardships to the region, Jimmie's father purchased a used Fred Bear Bow and a dozen arrows for him, inspired by Fred Bear's TV shows. With diligent and determined practice, he used his new bow to kill his first whitetail deer at age 9.

From these humble beginnings Jimmie's dedication to the sport brought him to be only the second bow hunter to complete the coveted "North American Super Slam" in October 1990 just before being asked to join the Redhead Pro Hunting Team. Jimmie is currently close to completing the Double Slam, an extraordinary feet.

The days Jimmie most enjoys the pursuit of large predatory animals and with over 100 top scoring trophy animals including several world records in his collection Jimmie has faced and conquered almost every challenge in bow hunting.

Continuing a lifelong journey of discovery, enjoying the outdoors and hunting around the world, Jimmie realized he is fortunate to be able to live such a life, in keeping with his selfless nature, his greatest rewards now lie in the education and support of new and upcoming hunters. Jimmie believes the positive effect that hunting and the experience gained through time spent in the outdoors can only enhance their everyday life.

Jimmie's greatest personal challenge today is one facing all hunters, to protect the habitat required to ensure that future generations may get the opportunity to participate in the sport that has been a major part of his life since he was a small boy.