Angie Ryan

My Hunting Info

  • Years Been Hunting: 17
  • Professional Affiliations: Grand Slam Club, Pope & Young, NRA, RMEF
  • Hunting Strength: The ability to do physically tough hunts with a bow such as sheep, brown bear, and elk
  • Favorite Technique: Spot and stalk
  • Favorite Game to Hunt: Elk
  • Favorite Places to Hunt: Alaska and Colorado
  • Favorite Season to Hunt: Spring bear
  • Favorite Time to Hunt: Evening during hot weather
  • Favorite Way to Hunt: Stalking
  • Home: Alabaster, AL
  • Family: Jimmie (husband) 4 children, 9 grandchildren
  • Hobbies: Hunting
  • Rifle/Bow Preference: Bow

Career Highlights

  • Biggest Kill: Kodiak Brown Bear
  • Greatest Hunting Achievement: Desert Sheep
  • Favorite Hunting Moment: Harvesting my Kodiak Brown Bear
  • Current Highlights: First women to take a Kodiak Brown Bear with a bow

My Weapons of Choice

Angie Ryan's Pro Picks

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I didn't hunt growing up, but remember my brother Gary hunting deer, turkey, and squirrels. He was always in the woods hunting, and being a full blooded tomboy, I was in the woods climbing trees and playing in creeks. Later, after I had children, my son Jay developed a love for hunting. I never tried to discourage it because hunting is just a way of life in Alabama. I didn't start hunting until I met my husband, Jimmie Ryan. He taught me to bowhunt in 1996 and from then to now, big game hunting has become my passion. I have taken Desert and Dall Sheep, Kodiak Brown Bear, Elk and numerous other animals. I love introducing other people, especially young people to hunting. It is a wonderful rewarding experience every time you go out. I was given the privilege of becoming on of the Redhead pro Team Member's several years ago and consider it an honor to be among some of the best hunters in the world.

Gun & Bow Hunting Tips

When hunting with a bow or gun, you need to practice with that weapon to know what your limits are. Once you're in the field pursuing the game, you need to be able to pick the type of shot you are capable of making.

Some Things I Never Leave Home Without

Always have a checklist for your daypacks or backpacks when preparing for those cold, wet, weather hunts. My pack will always include Expedition Weight 3.0 Thermals with X-Odor top, pants and Natural Reflections® Lifetime Guarantee Socks for Ladies placed in gallon size zip lock bags to keep them dry; flashlights with extra batteries — Streamlight® Super Tac® X C4® LED Flashlight; solar blanket; waterproof matches; medical bag; HeatMax® HotHands® Toe Warmer Bonus Pack; babywipes; RedHead® The Hunt Multi-Blade Knife; Garmin® Oregon® 600 Hand Held GPS Unit and RedHead® Stretch Rainwear jacket and pants. These are a few of my must haves.