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Walter Parrott

Current Highlights

  • Being a part of the RedHead Pro Hunting Team & having the opportunity to represent Bass Pro Shops and my other Sponsors!

Some Things I Never Leave
Home Without

  • Binoculars
  • Wet Wipes
  • Viva Paper Towels
  • Zip Ties
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Zip-Lock Bags
  • Fishing Equipment (for in between hunts)
  • Home: Smiths Station, AL (Originally from MO)
  • Family: Amy Lively (daughter), Sean Lively (son-in-law), Curtis Parrott (son), Taylor, Emma, & Grace Lively (grandchildren)
  • Hobbies: Hunting & Fishing
  • Rifle/Bow Preference: Will hunt with anything legal for the season and

Career Highlights

  • Biggest Kill: 203" Mule Deer
  • Greatest Hunting Achievement: Being able to make a living at it
  • Favorite Hunting Moment: Being able to share with others

My Weapons of Choice

Turkey Tips

  • Always set up in the shade with your back to the sun
  • Never break out in the open and show yourself. Turkeys can see 10x better than you can. It will be over before it ever starts.
  • Wearing your binoculars is like wearing a seat belt...You can't believe what you're missing without them. They are one of the most important tools that a hunter has.
  • Versatility is important in your calls when turkey hunting. Beginners should focus on friction type calls because they are easier to master. My favorite has always been a box call. But each individual should try different types of calls such as a box, slate, and others, to see which one is easiest for them and master that one first. A mouth diaphragm is a hands-free operation and offers many different cuts in reed configuration. If you are a beginner, start with a double straight reed call.
  • Snake boots are something I did not wear a lot until I moved to the South, then, they were a must. It didn't take long for me to figure out how versatile they were and soon figured out how great a tool they are for a turkey hunter in any terrain. You are always walking through wet grass, crossing a creek, or walking through briers, utilizing the protection they are built for.
  • When hunting different states, be sure to read up and know your game laws for each state you hunt. You will be surprised at how they differ from state to state.

Walter Parrott's Pro Picks

RedHead® Bucklick Creek Turkey Lounger Vests for Men

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Turkey Vests 

RedHead<sup>®</sup> Backpacks

RedHead® Backpacks

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Bags & Backpacks 

RedHead<sup>®</sup> ShurTrac<sup>®</sup> 1200 16" Insulated Waterproof Rubber Boots for Men

RedHead® ShurTrac® 1200 16" Insulated Waterproof Rubber Boots for Men

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Hunting Boots 

Realtree Camouflage Patterns

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Hunting Clothing 

New RedHead<sup>®</sup Mammoth GORE-TEX<sup>®</sup> Waterproof/Breathable Gloves for Men

RedHead® GORE-TEX® Waterproof Gloves

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Gloves, Belts & Accessories

Clothing — RedHead Enduraskin Long Sleeve Shirt

Clothing — RedHead Enduraskin Long Sleeve Shirt

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Hunting Base Layers

RedHead<sup>®</sup> Silent Hide Pants

RedHead® Silent Hide Pants

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Hunting Pants & Shorts 

RedHead<sup>®</sup> Jersey Grip Dot Gloves

RedHead® Jersey Grip Dot Gloves

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Hunting Gloves, Belts & Accessories 

RedHead<sup>®</sup> Wire Frame 3/4 Face Mask

RedHead® Wire Frame 3/4 Face Mask

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Hunting Head Gear

RedHead<sup>®</sup> True Fit Camo Hooded Sweatshirt Jackets for Men

RedHead® True Fit Camo Hooded Sweatshirt Jackets

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Hunting Shirts &

RedHead® Silent-Hide® Insulated Bibs

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Overalls, Bibs & Coveralls

RedHead<sup>®</sup> Silent-Hide<sup>®</sup> Jacket

RedHead® Silent-Hide® Jacket

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Hunting Outerwear

RedHead<sup>®</sup> XPS<sup>®</sup> Thermal Underwear

RedHead® XPS® Thermal Underwear

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Base Layers

Bass Pro Shops<sup>®</sup> Lightweight Packable Rainsuit

Bass Pro Shops® Lightweight Packable Rainsuit

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Hunting Rain Gear

RedHead<sup>®</sup> Men's Socks

RedHead® Men's Socks

Wool Socks

Pro Team Socks

RedHead<sup>®</sup> Tundra Suede

RedHead® Tundra Suede

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Hunting Outerwear

RedHead<sup>®</sup> BONE-DRY<sup>®</sup> C.W.S Jacket for Men

RedHead® BONE-DRY® C.W.S Jacket for Men

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Hunting Outerwear

RedHead<sup>®</sup> BONE-DRY<sup>®</sup> C.W.S Bibs for Men

RedHead® BONE-DRY® C.W.S Bibs for Men

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Overalls, Bibs & Coveralls

Fleece Gators

Fleece Gators

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My Hunting Info

  • Years Been Hunting: Since the age of guess my age LOL
  • Professional Affiliations: RedHead Pro Hunting Team Bass Pro Shops, Realtree, Indian Creek Shooting Systems
  • Favorite Technique: Whatever it takes to get the job done
  • Favorite Game to Hunt: Whatever is in season
  • Favorite Hunting Gear: RedHead gear for the season
  • Favorite Places to Hunt: United States of America
  • Favorite Season to Hunt: Whatever season is in at the time
  • Favorite Time to Hunt: The game & time of the season dictates favorite hunting times (ex: Turkey Season: morning, to hear them gobbling on the roost!)
  • Favorite Way to Hunt: The game dictates this as well...time of year, the weather, where you are hunting
  • Favorite Gear: Turkey Season: Shotgun — Benelli 12 ga. 3". Deer Season — Archery: RedHead Toxik XT. Firearms — rifle: Remington .30-06; muzzleloader: CVA .50 caliber

Some Things I Carry
in My Turkey Vest

Turkey Calls

RedHead® RTX Deluxe Pot Friction Turkey Call - Slate

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Mouth Calls

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Knight & Hale® Thunder Tube Widow Maker Turkey Call

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Box Calls

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Locator Calls

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Shop All Turkey Calls


Carry-Lite® Pretty Boy Turkey Decoy Set

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RedHead® Reality Series Remote Strutter Decoy System

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Turkey Decoys


Born and raised in Southeast Missouri, Walter Parrott found his love for hunting and fishing at a very early age. What started out as putting food on the table turned into a lifelong passion that Walter enjoys teaching others to carry on a great tradition. Walter has many happy hunting memories with his Dad, Melvin Parrott, and will always thank him for the knowledge of hunting that he passed along to him. Walter mastered his turkey calling by listening to the turkeys they had in their yard and mocking them. He also spent time talking to the older hunters and getting their views and ideas.

Walter started competitive turkey calling in 1978. He is the only person to win every major turkey calling contest. Walter is a 5-time Grand National Champion, 2-time Team Calling Grand National Champion, Grand National Champion of Champions, World Champion in Open & Friction Divisions & World Team Champion, 16-time U.S. Open Champion (Open division, Friction & Champion of Champions) and has won The Masters, Mid-America Open and many state and local competitions.

Walter is well known for his seminars and his generosity in helping with youth events and enjoys passing along his knowledge and love for hunting and fishing. Walter has met many accomplishments and goals and is recognized as a Legend in Hunting.

Walter is one of the original members of the RedHead Pro Hunting Team for Bass Pro Shops. He was one of the first pro staffers for Realtree®, has maintained a great friendship with Bill Jordan all these years and continues to be a part of the Realtree Pro Staff. He has co-hosted his own television show as well as co-hosting on other well known outdoor shows. Personal endorsements and pro staff include: Bass Pro Shops, Benelli, Realtree, Indian Creek Shooting Systems & Swarovski Optik.