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Jerry Martin

Current Highlights

  • Captain of Bass Pro Shops RedHead Hunting Team
  • Board member of QDMA
  • Co-hosts Bass Pro Shops "100% REAL HUNTING TV" and "King of Bucks" program
  • Member of National Legends of the Outdoors
    Hall of Fame
  • Team member of "Outdoor Legends" S.E. Asia Tour — First team to be sent to visit the troops in the Persian Gulf
  • Home: Springfield, Missouri
  • Family: Jill (wife), Chase (daughter)
  • Hobbies: Farming for wildlife, hunting and fishing
  • Rifle/Bow Preference: Rifle — all legal methods

Career Highlights

  • Biggest Kill: African elephant and 200 inch Whitetail
  • Greatest Hunting Achievement: African elephant and 200 inch Whitetail, Rocky Mountain Elk and Grand Slam of Turkeys.
  • Favorite Hunting Moment: Everytime I get to hunt with kids or first-timers.

Turkey Tips

  • Whether you're hunting pressured birds or not, DO NOT call to the bird more than you have to. Most people like to call to the bird to hear him gobble. I call to the bird to harvest him.
  • If you shoot right handed, set up with your left shoulder facing where you think the bird is going to come from. Opposite goes for left handed shooters. This will help you have more range of motion to swing your gun.
  • When moving in on a gobbling bird, move as close to the bird as you can without being seen.
  • Always wear full camo. Head net and gloves are especially important because your hands and head do most of the moving.
  • Be sure and pattern your gun so you will know your maximum killing range with your preferred choice of shot. I prefer No. 6's for a denser pattern.

"Dad expected 50 squirrels from a box of shells."

My Weapons of Choice

  • Rifles & Accessories

    Although the 270 & 280 are ideal calibers for deer size game, I think it's more important to pick the right bullet. I believe the right bullet is 130gr. in the 270 and 140gr. in the 280. For the 130gr. & 140gr., I recommend the Winchester Silver Ballistic Tip. I believe that the Winchester Silver Ballistic Tip is one of the "killing-est" bullets I have ever used.

    Although most people think the 300 in over kill for deer, I do use 150gr. Winchester Silver Ballistic Tip for my long range shooting on deer size game. I shift to 180 gr. Winchester Silver Ballistic Tip for elk and moose size game and 180 gr. Winchester AccuBond for big bears and large thick skinned animals, which has the same trajectory as the Winchester Silver Ballistic Tips.


    Winchester® Model 70® Featherweight Rifle

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    270 & 280 X-bolt Rifle

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    Winchester® Supreme® Ballistic Silvertip Rifle Ammo

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    Winchester® Supreme® Accubond CT®

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    270: Oculus 4-16x

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    280: Leupold VXR 3-9x

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    Leupold VX-3L 4.5-14x

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  • Muzzleloaders & Accessories

    CVA® Accura® 50 Caliber Muzzleloader

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    Black Powder Accessories


    Hornady® SST-ML High Speed Low Drag Sabots

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    Pyrodex® Pellets

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    IMR® White Hots® .50 Caliber Pellets

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    Leupold® VX-R Rifle Scopes with FireDot Reticle

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  • Bow Packages & Accessories
    Compound Bow Packages

    RedHead® Toxik® XT Compound Bow Packages

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    Arrows & Accessories

    RedHead® Blackout® X1 Pro Carbon Arrows - 2" Blazer® Vanes

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    RedHead® Blackout® Fixed-Blade Broadheads

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    This is a great cut-on-contact broadhead with extremely sharp replaceable blades and flies like a dart

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    Scott Archery Little Goose Bow Release

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    Safety Systems

    Hunters Safety System

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    Leupold® RX®-600i with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder

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  • Treestands
    Climbing Treestands

    API Outdoors® Alumni-Tech® Grand Slam Extreme Climbing Treestand

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    Fixed Position Treestands

    API Outdoors® Alumni-Tech® Baby Grand® Treestand

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    Stick Ladders

    API Outdoors® Ultra-Steel® Stackin' Stik®

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  • Blinds

    RedHead® BlackOut® Hub-Style Ground Blind

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Jerry Martin's Pro Picks

Realtree Camo — Realtree Max-1
Realtree Camo — Realtree Max-1
for Most Everywhere

Realtree Camo


AP Green

Hunting Clothing

RedHead™ Bayou Zip Snake Boot
RedHead™ Bayou Zip Snake Boot

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RedHead™ Turkey Lounger Vest
RedHead™ Turkey Lounger Vest

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All Turkey Vests

Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tubes
Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Choke Tubes

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Choke Tubes


Leica Geovid HD-B 10x42 Rangefinding Binoculars
Leica Geovid HD-B 10x42 Rangefinding Binoculars

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All Binoculars

RedHead™ Endura Skin
RedHead™ Endura Skin

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All Base Layers

My Hunting Info

  • Years Been Hunting: 55 years plus
  • Hunting Strength: Turkey, Whitetail, Archery, Muzzleloader, Center-fire
  • Favorite Technique: Bow, Muzzleloader, Center-fire
  • Favorite Game to Hunt: Turkey, Whitetail Deer
    and Squirrels
  • Favorite Hunting Gear: CVA Muzzleloader, Browning rifle, Winchester ammo, Leupold scope, Realtree Camo
  • Favorite Places to Hunt: Missouri, Kansas and Texas
  • Favorite Season to Hunt: Turkey and Deer
  • Favorite Time to Hunt: Anytime I get a chance to go
  • Favorite Way to Hunt: Spot and Stalk
  • Favorite Turkey Call: RedHead Box and Slate calls

Some Things I Carry
in My Turkey Vest

  • Light weight, low powered binoculars
  • Pruners
  • A good flashlight that keeps you from falling on your face in the dark or keeps you from stepping on poisonous/non-poisonous snakes that can make you have a run away
  • Light-weight decoys that you can fold up and put in your vest
  • Remote Strut Stake
    • This past year I started using a remote strutter stake with hens and strutting gobblers. Creating a little bit of movement made a lot of difference.
  • 3 locator calls:
    • A coyote howler for western states
    • Owl and Crow for central and eastern states
  • RedHead Deluxe Box Call
    • The double sides give you 2 different sounding hen calls
  • A slate and glass call
  • 2 mouth calls
    • A triple reed clear pitched and a Split V raspy hen. Mouth calls keep my hands free when they need to be on the trigger or bowstring. They also work really well on rainy days.
  • Conditioning Kit
    • This includes chalk, sand paper, and scuffing material to maintain my calls.
  • A couple extra Winchester shells
  • RedHead face net
  • RedHead light weight turkey hunting gloves


It is unusual for an all-around outdoorsman to bring pioneering accomplishments of ethical hunting and conservation to the forefront of hunters' minds and the outdoor industry. But Jerry Martin has definitely left his mark.

Jerry's hunting days started at age 5 or 6, when his dad took him hunting for squirrels and chasing rabbits with beagles. "Dad expected 50 squirrels from a box of shells," Martin says chuckling as he reminisces about those days, "And I tried not to disappoint." Over the years, Jerry became an expert marksman with a rifle, compound bow, pistol, and muzzleloader.

In his hunting career, he has had dozens of trophy whitetail deer kills, several scoring over 200. Jerry has killed dozens of Turkey Grand Slams with muzzleloader, bow and centerfire, and a few Turkey Royal Slams too. He has hunted for all types of animals across the nation and in countries around the world.

In August 2008, Jerry was recognized for his accomplishments and inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN. This impressive honor is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a passion for the outdoors in both fishing and hunting and whose actions and high ethical standards serve as the guidelines for the entire outdoor community.