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Rob Keck

Current Highlights

  • Member of the Bass Pro Shops RedHead Pro Hunting Team
  • Director of Conservation at Bass Pro Shops
  • Chairman of the Board of the Wonders of Wildlife
  • Member of: The Legends of the Outdoors National Hall of Fame, Pennsylvania Turkey Hunters
  • Hall of Fame, Kansas Governor's One Shot Hall of Fame
  • Home: Edgefield, SC
  • Family: Susan (wife); Carolyn, Curtis, and Cadence; Heather, Charlie, Hank and Coleman (daughters, husbands and children)
  • Hobbies: Hunting, Trapping, Fishing, and Art (painting)
  • Rifle/Bow Preference: Bow, Muzzleloader, Rifle

Career Highlights

  • Biggest Kill: A B&C Musk Ox from above the Arctic Circle, a 201" Kansas Whitetail & a 2 1/8" spurred Ocellated turkey
  • Greatest Hunting Achievement: The first person to take a wild turkey in every state in the US (except Alaska, which has no wild turkeys), plus Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, and New Zealand
  • Favorite Hunting Moment: When my 87 year young dad completed his Grand Slam of turkeys with me and my youngest daughter completed her Royal Slam of wild turkeys

My Weapons of Choice

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Deer Tips

  • Respect the wind. There are many excellent scent eliminators out there from sprays to clothing but I rarely even try to beat the nose of a whitetail by selecting a stand where the wind is wrong.
  • I wear rubber boots wherever and whenever I can...especially in the South. I've watched deer hit my trail and turn inside out when they hit the scent of a leather boot.
  • Even through a hot scrape, freshly pawed and peed in is tempting to sit over. In the south working the scrape is primarily a nocturnal activity and rarely would I spend much time setting on a scrape unless it was in conjunction with a prominent food source or close to a bedding area.
  • Rarely do I hunt a stand 2x's in a row. The element of surprise is very important in whitetail hunting. Deer can pattern the hunter and become shy of a stand if it is repeatedly hunted in succession.
  • When my strategy on a given day is calling to whitetail, I get in a tree and make lots of noise frequently calling on my grunt tube, raking the tree with an antler rattling, breaking/snapping branches then be alert for sneakers and chargers.

Turkey Tips

  • During early season hunts when many gobblers are hemmed up — late afternoon and evenings are often more productive than early morning.
  • Position is a huge part of the success of a turkey hunter. Getting to a point between where the turkey is and where he wants to go is key. Use logging roads, points on a field edge or other strategic location when selecting your position to call from. Often trial and error, moving to subsequent positions several times until you kit the right spot is often what's needed.
  • When setting up on a bird, clear leaves and brush 360 degrees if possible. Often a bird will circle and you might have your shot 180 degrees from where you started.
  • When patterning your shotgun check your pattern at 3 distances — close, mid range, and your maximum range.
  • My patience isn't sold at Bass Pro Shops but it ranks up there with the most important elements of your hunt. Move as close as possible to the bird but give him extra time to get to you.
  • The hunter must match the gun, choke tube and the load in each scenario. I have turkey guns, fashioned with pistol grips and different choke tube that shoot other loads better, like Hevi-13's in #7's. This in my opinion is the least understood, and practiced element of the turkey hunters preparation. Match the properly fitted gun with the best load, and the best choke tube, with the most comfortable sighting device.

My Hunting Info

  • Years Been Hunting: fishing since 1955, trapping since 1957, hunting since 1958
  • Hunting Strength: Wild turkey and Whitetails
  • Trapping Strength: Red and gray fox, bobcat, beaver, muskrat
  • Favorite Game to Hunt: Wild turkey, whitetails, pheasants and squirrels
  • Favorite Places to Hunt: South Carolina, Kansas, Virginia, and Northwest Territories
  • Favorite Season to Hunt: Late winter time flocks of adult gobblers in Kansas, Nebraska, or South Dakota
  • Favorite Way to Hunt: Calling! Turkeys, elk, whitetails, waterfowl, predators
  • Favorite Turkey Call: Neil Cost Boat Paddle, Super Aluminator, and a Dale Ernest single, short, split reed diaphragm

Some Things I Never Leave Home Without

  • Lightweight hand pruner
  • Browning clip on cap light with green light
  • Montana fold up full strutter decoy that I carry in the back of my vest. Light weight and I carry two.
  • Two locator calls—crow and coyote howler
  • Double slate call with dense hardwood striker
  • MAD Super Aluminator with rosewood striker
  • Three different strikers...rosewood, dogwood, H.S. Carbon striker
  • 6 mouth yelpers of different cuts and layers of latex. My first choice is a custom single, short, split reed yelper with no tape
  • 2 box calls—one short, one long. Short is the RedHead Deluxe Box. Long is a Dick Kirby Curved Custom box.
  • Brown Railroad chalk (greaseless)for box calls
  • Fine grit sand paper and fine texture scrub pad for my slate call
  • Heavy grit emery cloth for aluminum call
  • RedHead 3/4 face net
  • RedHead lightweight thin poly gloves with the grip dots on the palms and fingers
  • Turkey tote
  • Thermacell and extra pads and fuel
  • Zip ties for attaching tags to the turkey
  • Pen to fill out tags
  • Light weight Buck muskrat skinner knife
  • Toilet paper
  • Avian X Feeder Hen decoy that I carry in a separate bag over my shoulder
  • Light weight Leupold 10X binoculars that are attached to my RedHead Bino harness


Rob Keck has been a driving force in conservation for more than three decades, building, in that time, one the most successful conservation organizations in the nation. His leadership as the CEO of the National Wild Turkey Federation for almost three decades helped fuel the return of the wild turkey in North America. He has influenced conservation and natural resource policy issues, having been appointed and served on the Sporting Conservation Council under President George W. Bush, advising both the Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture on conservation matters.

Keck has walked and talked conservation and hunting with four U.S. Presidents, the President of Mexico, and a premier of Canada. He has hunted with and discussed conservation with vice presidents, cabinet members, senators, congressmen, and a member of the Supreme Court, as well as Olympic champions, country music stars, NASCAR legends, and other professional athletes. He has served on numerous boards, including his current position as Chairman of the Board of the Wonders of Wildlife.

In addition to being a pioneer in outdoor television, producing and hosting award winning shows, he is a passionate big game hunter that has hunted from above the Arctic Circle to the South Island of New Zealand. He has been a U.S. Open and World Turkey Calling Champion and was the first hunter to take a wild turkey in every state. In 2009, he was inducted into the "Legends of the Outdoors National Hall of Fame" in Nashville, Tennessee. His dedication and leadership to our hunting heritage prompted 'Peterson's Hunting' magazine to name him one of 'Hunting's 25 Most Influential Personalities of the 20th Century.'

Rob has served as Vice Chair of Deacons at Edgefield First Baptist Church and resides with the love of his life, Susan, at their Willow Oak Farm home. Their pride is reflected in two lovely daughters, their husbands, and three spoiled grandchildren as well as Molly, their Yellow Lab.