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Rut Reporters Whitetail Heat Map

Whitetail Heat Map

Keep track of buck activity in your region and plan your highest-odds hunt!

Ready for the upcoming deer season? The Rut Reporters are. And they can help you monitor whitetail activity where you hunt, so you'll know when the deer woods are at their hottest.

Field & Stream's seven Rut Reporters file real-time updates twice a week about fighting, rub- and scrape-making, chasing, estrous signs, daytime movement, weather effects, hunter pressure, and other important details about deer activity in each region. You'll also see photos of and exclusive reports about just-taken trophy bucks.

Plus, the unique Rut Heat Map allows you to see exactly what stage the rut is in throughout the U.S. And if you update the map with information from your neck of the deer woods, you'll be automatically entered into the Rut Reporters contest—in which you could win a pair of OCULUS® binoculars, an OCULUS riflescope, or maybe the grand prize—a Texas deer hunt with Mellon Creek Outfitters! Go to fieldandstream.com/rutreport for more details—and start planning a successful deer season.

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