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ITEM Under 47" 47" and up All sizes
Freshwater Fiberglass Reproductions $30.00 Call for quote n/a
Saltwater Fiberglass Reproductions $30.00 Call for quote n/a
Shoulder Mount Exotic Animals n/a n/a Shipping Freight Collect
(minimum $100.00 crating charge)
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To ensure a quality mount, proper care and quick shipment is vital. In any case, the most important step in trophy care in the field is to get your trophy cooled as soon as possible. The sooner you can get your trophy cooled, the less the chance that bacteria can begin deteriorating tissue.

When you are ready to ship your trophy for mounting, please make sure it is completely frozen. Optimally, you can obtain a Styrofoam container to place the trophy in and package for shipping. Or you can use a cardboard box lined with newspaper. Ship your trophy next day air, and please include a note describing how you want the trophy preserved. Call when you ship the trophy, so we can make sure someone will be able to receive it properly. Please try to ship on Mondays or Tuesdays only, if at all possible.

Condition of Acceptance

We have no control over any skin or trophy prior to our receiving it for tanning, such as primeness, time of year, climatic conditions - hot or cold - and the care given the skin or trophy in the field when it was killed. Occasionally a skin will not tan or goes to pieces in the tanning due to improper handling before shipment to us or to some defect in the skin for which we cannot assume any responsibility or offer any guarantee of the tanning of any skin. The limit of this company's liability for loss or damage to any merchandise while in our possession shall not exceed its actual, reasonable market cash value. Pricing subject to change without notice.