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All hides are re-hydrated and stretched. They are then trimmed symmetrically.

All rug work is machine and hand sewn. We do not use glue to attach the border felt to the hide, it is machine sewn on. Hand sewing is done around head, paws and tail. Edges of the hide do not show.

We use 1/2 inch poly-interlining rug foam that is attached with rug adhesive that does not harden. This gives the rug a little added weight and flexibility.

All bare flanks are dyed and holes are repaired. The rug is then put onto a solid piece of base felt. The base felt and the border felt is then sewn together by machine. We then trim the base felt about an inch from the border felt to give a double border look. The felt border is pleated around the head, paws and tail, unless you prefer no pleats. No seams show. We will make adjustments as requested.

Rug hangers are included in the price of the rug and each rug typically has 4 – 5 hangers depending on the size.

We devote great time and care to the eyes, nose and ears to make our authentic bear skin rugs and wildlife mounts look alive. The interior of the mouth and teeth are airbrushed and hand-stained for a true to life look. The eyes are state of the art implant quality. Our mounts always have original claws in excellent condition.