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This breakthrough Thermal Reflective Technology uses little silver dots to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable by regulating temperature while allowing moisture and excess heat to dissipate.

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This technologically advanced Thermal Insulation will give you a warm feeling because it's eco-friendly, and because it provides the highest heat retention per gram in the industry.

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See Omni-Heat™ put to the test by Warren Miller Athletes in some of the most extreme ski conditions in the world!

The ultimate in body heat management systems!

Slip into an Omni-Heat™ garment, and it's almost like wearing a super-efficient space blanket. This new thermal insulation technology is uniquely designed to keep you warm in cold conditions, using a reflective aluminum-based material to help maintain body temperature and prevent heat loss.

In fact, Omni-Heat™ fabric boasts the highest heat retention per gram available. It doesn't just insulate; it keeps you comfortable both by reflecting your own heat and by regulating moisture and excess heat through its breathable sub-fabric. And it's not bulky at all, so you'll enjoy more freedom of movement, making it ideal for both sedentary and active outdoor pursuits.

  • Boosts heat retention by an average of 20%
  • Ultra-soft finish—feels like down
  • Highly breathable dot-matrix lining wicks away moisture
  • Metallic-based fabric suppresses static buildup
  • Made of eco-friendly 50% recycled content

Omni-Heat™ technology is available both as standard garment insulation and in electronic heated garment systems. is your Columbia® headquarters!