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The Camping Library contains numerous informational pieces on topics such as orienteering, outdoor cooking and basic camping skills. Click any of the general camping categories, and you'll find subject matter written for the novice (our "Basics" content) as well as specialized info and tactics meant for the seasoned backwoodsman (our "Articles" category). You'll also find product reviews, buying guides, outdoor tips, and radio clips from our Outdoor World Radio Show.

Paddle Sports: Browsing ALL Buying Guides (ALL 18 ITEMS)

Don't Forget the Sunscreen
Don't Forget the Sunscreen (guide)
Using sunscreen, as well as other measures, can not only make your outing more enjoyable, but it can also save your life.

Survival Gear Buying Guide
Survival Gear Buying Guide (guide)
The best survival kit is one that is never used, but it's best to be prepared just in case you need it. Here are a few things you should consider when making your survival kit.

Camp Lighting Options
Camp Lighting Options (guide)
Consider the pros and cons of each type of light before deciding which style is best for your camping and outdoor lighting needs.

Camp Stoves: A Buyer's Guide
Camp Stoves: A Buyer's Guide (guide)
Confused by the endless options? This guide will help you select a camp stove that suits your particular camping style and cooking needs.

Weather Instruments: A Buyer's Guide
Weather Instruments: A Buyer's Guide (guide)
Weather stations, weather radios, wind measuring devices -- each of these have a place in the kit of outdoor enthusiasts.

Camping Gift Guide
Camping Gift Guide (guide)
Got a camper on your gift list? Try these great gift ideas!

Choosing a Kayak
Choosing a Kayak (guide)
Shopping for your first 'yak can be confusing. This guide will help you wade through the jargon and find the right kayak to suit your paddling needs.

Outfitting Your Kayak for Fishing
Outfitting Your Kayak for Fishing (guide)
Turn your kayak into a full-fledged fishing machine!

Air Mattresses, Sleeping Pads and Cots: A Buyer's Guide
Air Mattresses, Sleeping Pads and Cots: A Buyer's Guide (guide)
Getting a good night's rest will greatly improve any outdoor adventure. Consider the following tips when choosing a cot, mattress or pad. Your body will thank you for it.

Staying Hydrated
Staying Hydrated (guide)
Keep your thirst quenched when outdoors with these hydration solutions.

Dry Bag Buying Guide
Dry Bag Buying Guide (guide)
Dry bags are one of those special items that most serious outdoorsman never give a second thought about -- but should.

Cooler Buying Guide
Cooler Buying Guide (guide)
Choosing a cooler that fits your style and one that provides all of the necessary requirements doesn't have to be difficult.

Outfitting Your Fishing Canoe
Outfitting Your Fishing Canoe (guide)
Canoe fishing can be a good way to target your favorite fish and with the right accessories they can be quite comfortable.

Guide to Bug Repellents
Guide to Bug Repellents (guide)
Take time to better understand what type of repellent you will be actually using and how each of the repellents differ.

A Lantern for Any Camper
A Lantern for Any Camper (guide)
Various types of lanterns have served as man's primary light source for centuries.

Personal Water Purifiers
Personal Water Purifiers (guide)
Whether you are drinking from a spring in Yellowstone or from any untreated fresh water source, you need to know you are safe from water-borne pathogens.

Lighting The Way to Flashlights
Lighting The Way to Flashlights (guide)
How to pick a flashlight for your nighttime excursions.

How to Select a Canoe
How to Select a Canoe (guide)
Factors to consider before purchasing the paddler's craft.

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