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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Trout & Salmon Fishing: Browsing ALL Tips (ALL 24 ITEMS)
Trout & Salmon Fishing Tips Authored by Bass Pro Shops:

 Bass Pro Shops
The Krill Advantage (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Unmatched fish-catching appeal.

Trolling for King Salmon (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
When trolling for king salmon, size does matter.

Trolling Variety (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Let the fish tell you what they want!

Leader Savvy (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Successful rigging with trolling flies begins with the length of your leader.

Trolling Dipsy Divers (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Cover a greater vertical range.

Mono vs. Braid (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Monofilament and braided line guidelines.

Dipsey Disc Tips (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Tips on using directional diving discs.

Trout & Salmon Fishing Tips Authored by Rick Clunn:

Rick Clunn
Pattern Fishing (Author: Rick Clunn)
Pattern fishing works on all fish and several patterns can exist at once.

Trout & Salmon Fishing Tips Authored by Woo Daves:

Woo Daves
Replica Fish Mounts (Author: Woo Daves)
Thanks to today's skilled taxidermists, you can have your trophy on the wall and in the water!

Trout & Salmon Fishing Tips Authored by Jimmy Houston:

Jimmy Houston
Hire a Guide (Author: Jimmy Houston)
Most fishing guides give you an honest day's work for their fee.

Smart Fish (Author: Jimmy Houston)
Like humans, some fish are smarter than others.

Trout & Salmon Fishing Tips Authored by Mike Huffman:

Mike Huffman
Baetis/Blue-Winged Olive (BWO) (Author: Mike Huffman)
Tips on fishing the Baetis/Blue-Winged Olive (BWO) mayfly hatch.

Leader Craft (Author: Mike Huffman)
Fine-tune your leader for a better presentation.

Winter Tailwater Fishing (Author: Mike Huffman)
Consider tailwaters for your next winter trout destination.

Sharpening Your Fly-Fishing Skills (Author: Mike Huffman)
Books and DVDs are effective tools for propelling your fly-fishing journey.

Tying the Clouser Deep Minnow (Author: Mike Huffman)
Tips on tying the world-famous Clouser Deep Minnow

Tying Wet Flies and Nymphs (Author: Mike Huffman)
Expert tips on building effective wet flies and nymphs.

Tying Dry Flies (Author: Mike Huffman)
Basic principles for effective dry-fly construction

Fall Tailwater Trout (Author: Mike Huffman)
Seasonal tips for fishing tailwaters

Travel Storage Systems (Author: Mike Huffman)
Packing Tips for Traveling Anglers

Trout & Salmon Fishing Tips Authored by Kevin VanDam:

Kevin VanDam
Sound Advice (Author: Kevin VanDam)
Be as quiet as you possibly can.

Trout & Salmon Fishing Tips Authored by Larry Whiteley:

Larry Whiteley
Trout Tricks (Author: Larry Whiteley)
Observe conditions before casting.

Fake Fish (Author: Larry Whiteley)
If your taxidermist is any good, you won't be able to tell the fiberglass replica from the real fish.

Trout Treats (Author: Larry Whiteley)
One of the biggest trout ever taken on Lake Taneycomo in southern Missouri was caught by a kid using a French fry.

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