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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

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Shortcuts to Success (audio)
Watch baitfish to figure out what the fish are biting.
October Outdoors (audio)
October is a great time to be an outdoor enthusiast!
Fantastic Fishing (audio)
Autumn is the perfect time for freshwater action.
Triggerfish (audio)
A fish that provides hot action and great fun.
Autumn Flyfishing (audio)
Dress for trout fishing to catch more fish.
Shenandoah Smallmouth (audio)
A great place for smallmouth.
Live Bait (audio)
Do-it-yourself baits.
Finding Crappie (audio)
Autumn is transition time for crappie.
Strange Lakes (audio)
Tips to catch fish on new lakes.
Fall Smallmouth (audio)
It's magic time for river fishing.
Speed Fishing (audio)
Fast fishing for shallow fall bass.
The Best Enemies (audio)
The Best Enemies
Pond Bass (audio)
Pond Bass
Kids and Fishing (audio)
Kids and Fishing
Gills and Pads (audio)
Tips for finding fish in this great cover.
Weird Baits (audio)
Weird Baits
Tips For Bass (audio)
Tips For Bass
Fish Tricks (audio)
Helpful hints to get fish strikes.
Pier Pleasure (audio)
Pier Pleasure
Nightime (audio)
Bass Lures (audio)
A few tried-and-true lures for bringing in bucketmouths.
Alaskan Salmon (audio)
Late summer Salmon fishing in Alaska makes for great fun!
Retrieves (audio)
Do you slow, or speed up your retrieve during those slow fishing times?
Topwater Fishing (audio)
Myths about topwater fishing.
Dock Fishing (audio)
Try fishing off docks for great fun!
Trolling Tips (audio)
Try trolling for some great fish opportunities!
Fishing Photos (audio)
How to take some great fishing photos.
Bull Bluegill (audio)
Some tips on catching those big, bull bluegill!
No-Weight Fishing (audio)
Sometimes, you don't need any weight at all!
Flood Control Dams (audio)
Fishing the productive control dams.
Big Bluegill (audio)
Jigging for bluegills can produce great results!
Fishing for Big Fish (audio)
Fish alone to get the big ones!
Hookset Tips (audio)
Some tips on making sure your hooksets are good.
Modern Rods (audio)
Modern rods have come a long way from the old cane poles.
Swimming Schools (audio)
Ever wonder why fish swim in schools?
Which Lures for Bass Fishing? (audio)
How to pick a good variety for your tacklebox.
Catch And Release (audio)
Modern taxidermy lets you release that trophy of a lifetime.
Watching The Weather (audio)
Some old sayings that let you know when the fishing is the best!
A Fish Strike Zone (audio)
Different fish have different strike zones.
Find Fish in Weedbeds (audio)
Look for the weedbeds when searching for fish.
Outdoor Tips and Tricks (audio)
Fishing tips that might make your day a little easier.
Fishing with Micro-Tackle (audio)
Have fun with micro-rigs this Spring!
The Common White Sucker (audio)
Don't knock 'em before you try them!
The Tide and Anglers (audio)
How does the tide affect anglers?
Bluegill Beds (audio)
How to look for bluegill beds in the spring.
Casting and Trolling Lures (audio)
Use a little color to brighten up your lures.
Need Worms? (audio)
Fiddling for worms is a great way to bring up worms!
Catching Big Fish (audio)
How to catch the big ones with light tackle!
Cold Weather Fish (audio)
Some tips on catching those sluggish fish.
Fish Condos (audio)
How to build your own fish condo!
Sniffing out Danger (audio)
Fish use their sense of smell to find danger.
Shad Spawning Run (audio)
Catching shad on light tackle.
The Aligator Gar (audio)
Some facts about the large aligator gar.
Pattern Fishing (audio)
Look for fish patterns to duplicate success.
Big Lures -- Big Fish (audio)
Sometimes, being big doesn't mean it will work the best.
The Frigid Fingers (audio)
The sport of ice-fishing is quickly picking up!
Neck-Down Areas (audio)
Hit the "neck-down" areas to catch fish in their summer positions.
Finicky Fish (audio)
Carp are the most picky of all fish.
Use That Old Christmas Tree (audio)
How to use that Christmas tree to your fishing advantage.
Trolling and Drags (audio)
Set your drag right and you'll land more fish.
Cold Weather Bass (audio)
The key to catching those cold-weather bass.
Winter Bass Fishing (audio)
Tips on winter bass fishing.
October Colors (audio)
Experience the pageant of colors and great fishing!
Points For Fall Structure (audio)
Look for points to find your fall fish.
Head for Structure (audio)
Hit the structure to see where the fish will be.
The Same Lake Trout (audio)
Ever caught a state record twice?
Striper Fishing (audio)
Where to find those large striper bass.
Shady Banks (audio)
Some great tips for catching those fiesty gamefish.
Muddy Water (audio)
Change your approach to catching bass.
Grasshoppers Time (audio)
This is a great time to mimic these favored trout foods.
Fishing for Catfish (audio)
Hints for putting more whiskers in the boat.
Night Fishing (audio)
Sundown is primetime to fish.
Rock and Brick (audio)
Some resevoirs have old foundations that hide bass.
Water Temps (audio)
Some great tips on fishing at different water temperatures.
Wetland Fish Production (audio)
Wetlands are just for the waterfowl!
Using Belly Boats (audio)
Some tips on fishing from a belly boat.
How Mother Nature Works (audio)
Take a kid fishing to show them how Mother Nature works.
Fish Edges (audio)
Look for "fish edges" to find your game.
Sounds Waves (audio)
Talking on the boat is alright, no matter what your fishing buddy says!
The Cottonmouth (audio)
Some facts about the cottonmouth snake.
Tough Trout (audio)
Put your bait on bark to catch more trout.
Topwater Fishing (audio)
Some myths about topwater fishing.
Striking Out (audio)
Fish follow, but refuse to strike.
The Imported Carp (audio)
The carp didn't ask to live here.
Trolling for Bass (audio)
Sometimes trolling opens up new areas of the lake.
Becoming an Angler (audio)
Take a kid fishing or they might never go.
Jig and Pig (audio)
This is possibly the best bass bait.
More and Bigger Bass (audio)
Natures hints to finding bass.
Flood Control Fish (audio)
A spectacular place to fish.
Biomass of Fish (audio)
A place where there is more fish than you could imagine.
Rock Bass (audio)
All about the goggleye.
Schools of Fish (audio)
Why do fish school? Here is the answer.
Plastic Rat (audio)
This bait is not as strange as it seems.
Light Tackle (audio)
More fish and bigger fish.
Buffalo River (audio)
This was our first National River and it's full of smallmouth.
Big Bluegills (audio)
Tips for landing big gills.
Sow Snapper (audio)
Trophy time for snapper.
Bank Fishing for Walleyes (audio)
Other ways to win a walleye.
Catfish Magnets (audio)
Tips to find monster catfish.
Catching Crappie (audio)
Searching for the Crappie.
Presenting Natural Baits (audio)
Go slow with natural baits.
The Protective Smallmouth (audio)
Get to know the personality of your favorite gamefish.
Rick Clunn on Professional Fishing (audio)
Larry talks to Rick about become a professional angler.
Jerkbait Tips (audio)
Some great tips on fishing the Pro's favorite bait.
Kiss-And-Release (audio)
Some Australians don't just catch-and-release!
The Greatest Gift (audio)
Some tips on taking kids fishing.
Walleye Fishing on Clear Days (audio)
Some great tips on fishing those "blue-bird" days.
Finding Bluegill (audio)
Interesting facts about the bluegill spawn.
Panfish Feeding (audio)
Tricks for catching panfish after a cold front.
Boundry Waters (audio)
It's always a good time to fish in the Boundry Waters.
Quick tips for Fishing (audio)
Hints every fisherman should hear.
Fiddling for Worms (audio)
Learn how to fiddle for worms.
Walleye Cheeks (audio)
There is a tender piece of meat on fish cheeks.
Walleye Baits (audio)
How well do you have to match walleye baits?
Fishing the Pickeral (audio)
Everyone has a different opinion on fishing the Pickeral.
Fishing Your Local Waters (audio)
Almost all local waters will have a few large fish in them.
Hard Water Fishing (audio)
Some tips on fishing those frozen lakes.
Choosing the Right Hook (audio)
How to pick the hook for the fish you're after.
Some Great Fishing Tidbits (audio)
Tidbits to help your outdoor excursions more enjoyable.
Australian Great White Catch (audio)
Keep your hands in the water, or you might catch some extra fish!
Early Season Cold-Weather Walleyes (audio)
How to find cold-weather walleyes.
Attracting Fish (audio)
Building a fish condo.
Ice Fishing (audio)
What makes ice fishing so popular?
Think Deep for Cold Bass (audio)
Tips for finding cold-water bass.
RipRap for Walleye (audio)
Spring pre-spawn walleye love riprap and give anglers a good chance.
Don't Litter (audio)
How long will it take your trash to disappear.
Freezing Fish (audio)
Tricks for freezing fish.
Fishing Variety (audio)
Places in Canada to catch all kinds of species.
Lots of Outdoorsmen (audio)
States with the most outdoorsy folks.
Big Bass (audio)
Places to find big forgotten bass.
White River (audio)
Some of the best trout fishing you'll find.
Fishing Patterns (audio)
Setup a plan to duplicate events outdoors.
Bonefish (audio)
Tackle for this popular fish.
Farm Ponds (audio)
Millions of acres of good fishing is in ponds.
Outdoor Memories (audio)
Good and bad memories are abundant in the outdoors.
Trolling (audio)
Don't spook fish by using these tips.
Special Water (audio)
Look for necked down waterways.
The Angler's Gift (audio)
What will you be giving your favorite angler this year?
Point-And-Shoot Photography (audio)
You can get incredible pictures with your small 35mm camera!
Christmas Tree Brush Piles (audio)
Use your old Christmas tree to create a great fishing spot.
A Gift For An Outdoorsman (audio)
A wish list for every outdoor enthusiast.
Winter White Bass (audio)
Try a small white jig to catch white bass in the winter.
Depth and Temp (audio)
Remember to fish where the fish are.
Crappie Hangouts (audio)
Find stumps and you'll find crappie.
Steelhead (audio)
Late winter strip and flip.
Overhangs (audio)
Fish under places that have insects.
Our 49th State (audio)
Things you might not know about Alaska.
Ice Fishing (audio)
Finding bait in the winter.
The Versatile Spinnerbait (audio)
The spinnerbait is versatile, but don't overuse one style.
A Catch of a Lifetime (audio)
A five-year old catches a 13-pound bass on a farm pond.
Fall Fishing (audio)
Fishing for bass in the fall will produce great results!
Fall Northern Pike (audio)
Most pike are more aggressive in the cooler fall weather.
The Rogue Steelhead (audio)
The running cycle of the steelhead.
Priceless Outdoors (audio)
What the term Conservation implies.
Bass and Cover (audio)
Big-hog bass don't need as much cover.
Tips for Fishing (audio)
Quick hints to make fishing simple.
Big Browns (audio)
Lake Ontario is a great place to find these fish.
Jigs for Bass (audio)
Learn about this versitile lure.
Stripers (audio)
Hints to catch big stripers.
Hiding from Fish (audio)
Why fly anglers should stalk.
Rend Lake Crappie (audio)
A great Southern Illinois crappie lake.
Fall Redfish (audio)
Fantastic Florida redfish in fall.
Bass Tips (audio)
Tricks for spinnerbait fishing.
Bass Instinct (audio)
Tricks for speed fishing.
Fishing for Cats (audio)
Fishing for catfish can provide some great summertime fun.
Green River Muskie (audio)
This river is a undiscovered fishery.
Outdoor Women (audio)
Women in the Outdoors workshop.
Wally Talks Crappie (audio)
Wally talks about the great fun you can have with crappie fishing.
Tailing Saltwaters (audio)
Fishing tailing saltwater fish is easier.
Strange Catches (audio)
Hooking everything but the fish.
A Private Fishing Hole (audio)
Turn your pond into a productive fishing hole!
Getting Lost (audio)
Let the trees show you the way.
Pike Activity (audio)
Fall pike are large and active feeders.
Steve Chapel's Fishing Excuses (audio)
Some of Chapel's best fishing excuses.
Species of Fish (audio)
Common fish names.
Summer Crappie (audio)
Where the crappie hang out in the hot weather.
The Versatile Lures (audio)
A few lures that will work for most freshwater fish.
The Imported Carp (audio)
The carp isn't a native fish, but some folks love to catch and eat them!
Taking A Kid Fishing (audio)
Take kids fishing for panfish, and you won't regret it!
Justin Flemming's Great Catch (audio)
A fiesty disabled 8-year old lands a giant marlin.
The Strange Fly Angler (audio)
All the gear you'll need for fly fishing!
Night Bass Fishing (audio)
Try some nighttime bass fishing for some excitement!
Kevin Vandam on Summer Fishing (audio)
Vandam gives some tips on summer bass fishing.
The Dog Days of Fishing (audio)
You can still catch fish during the dog days of summer!
Tasmania Fishing (audio)
If you're looking for some exotic fishing, try Tasmania!
Fluttering For Fish (audio)
A little flutter goes a long way for finicky bass.
The Tasty Crayfish (audio)
Call them what you will, but they're good bait, and good eating!
Angling for Catfish (audio)
Why catfishing is becoming so popular.
Fishing Cover (audio)
The amount of cover makes a big difference to the fish.
Foundations (audio)
Old rock and brick make good fish hotspots.
Trophy Smallmouth (audio)
Big baits can catch hog smallmouth.
The Perfect Fish (audio)
Bluegill might be the best.
Frog Legs (audio)
Hunting frogs under light is a challange.
Fishing Depth (audio)
Fish eyes look upward.
Montana Smith River (audio)
One of the country's most scenic rivers.
Uncle Josh (audio)
The origin of the Uncle Josh Frogs.
Fishing Instead of Drugs (audio)
Getting kids involved in a sport that changes their future.
Fish Follows (audio)
How to entice a fish to strike.
Saltwater Fly Fishing (audio)
For the ultimate challange, try fly-fishing saltwater.
Flyfishing Creatures (audio)
Bug patterns for fly fishing.
Take a Child Fishing (audio)
Teaching kids about the outdoors.
Catching Crawfish (audio)
Using a pole and line to catch crawdads.
Trolling (audio)
Trolling can offer good chances at fish.
Voting for Conservation (audio)
It's time to get out there, and vote for conservation!
Texas Bass (audio)
Texas might be your best chance at a huge bass.
Cane Pole (audio)
Catching fish on a 12-foot rod.
Nightcrawler Trivia (audio)
Some facts about your favorite fishing worm that you probably didn't know about!
Fishing Type (audio)
Everybody has a different fishing personality.
Babe Winkleman (audio)
Introducing kids to fishing.
Pro Tips (audio)
Tips from the guys who know.
Big Snapper (audio)
Target big fish for several months.
Trophy Fish (audio)
Mounting a fish in fiberglass is great.
White Bass (audio)
Taking the biggest white bass in the school.
Bluegill Delight (audio)
Big bluegills are a sure bet for fun.
The Joy of Fishing (audio)
What is your favorite aspect of fishing?
Angler Skill (audio)
Anglers put skill ahead of luck.
Why People Fish (audio)
There are lots of reason to fish.
USFWS (audio)
Keeping the money where it's needed.
Become a Better Angler (audio)
Look and listen to become a better angler!
British Fishing Trips (audio)
Think your fishing permit cost a lot?
Catching Fish in the Weeds (audio)
Find Weedbeds, and you'll find fish!
River's Inlet (audio)
It takes a boat, or plane, to get there but it's worth the travel to fish River's Inlet in the British Columbia.
Do Your Homework (audio)
If you plan on fishing a new lake, find out as much as possible about the lake before fishing it.
South Dakota Fishing (audio)
Check out South Dakota for monster whites, large walleyes, and plenty of fun!
False Fishing Records (audio)
A 36-year old walleye record is disproved.
A Possible State-Record Bass (audio)
A filleted fish could have been a state record.
Spinnerbait Tips (audio)
Some great tips on using spinnerbait tackle.
Seawatch Keeps on Eye on Conservation (audio)
Seawatch protects the Sea of Cortez.
Piranhas In The States (audio)
You don't have to be in the Amazon to find a Piranha!
Uncle Homer's Best Fish Story (audio)
An unconventional way to catch an unconventional catfish.
Minnesota Boundry Waters (audio)
There is no bad time to go fishing on these waters!
Cajun Country Largemouth (audio)
Go down to Cajun country to catch some whopper largemouth!
Inlet Fishing (audio)
Look for game fish in "pockets" of inlets.
Sea Kayaking (audio)
Try some kayaking to get to those elusive fish.
Catchable Bass (audio)
Finding the "catchable" bass of early spring.
Golf Course Waterways (audio)
If you take the time to ask, fishing at golf courses can provide great fishing.
Winter Fishing (audio)
Winter fishing can still be hot.
Lake Cumberland (audio)
A great fishery for smallmouth bass.
Stripped Bass (audio)
The Colorado opportunities for stripers.
Spring Fishing Classic (audio)
What goes on at the famous Spring Fishing Classic.
Teaming with Wildlife (audio)
Wildlife Conservation.
Fishing from Shore (audio)
Shore bound anglers should focus fishing efforts.
Fishing Preservation (audio)
Understanding catch and realease.
Early Walleye (audio)
Cold season spawing walleye.
Weather Signs (audio)
Nature can tell you what the weather will do.
Fish Senses (audio)
A fish's nose is much better than you ever thought.
Fish Species (audio)
North America has more than 2000 different kinds of fish.
Wintertime Bass Fishing (audio)
Slow it down for wintertime bass fishing.
Fishing Dream Vacations (audio)
Some great places for you to take your dream fishing vacation.
A Minnow's Point of View (audio)
Minnows can teach us a thing or two about fishing.
Fishing Inside a Volcano (audio)
A six-mile wide crater lake fills an "unactive" volcano in Alaska.
Tracy Byrd's Fishing Heritage (audio)
Tracy learned about the great outdoors from his grandmother.
Fishing In Tubes (audio)
Fishing the outlets, or "tubes," outside many resevoirs.
Water Temperature and Fishing (audio)
Read the water temperature to find fish!
Channel Cat (audio)
Winter time fishing for channel cat.
Old Hickory Lake (audio)
Wintertime striper fishing.
Conservation (audio)
American hunters and anglers contributions.
Photography (audio)
Using light to take better pictures.
Brushpiles (audio)
Use old christmas trees for fish habitat.
Pickwick Lake (audio)
Smallmouth fishing on Pickwick Lake.
White Bass (audio)
Catching white bass year-round.
Chistmas Experiance (audio)
Enjoy the outdoors and share it.
Oklahoma Walleye (audio)
Places to catch you eyes in the Sooner State.
Great Winter Coastal Fishin (audio)
Going after giant 600-pound bluefin tuna.
Ice Fishing Bait (audio)
Finding winter bait before the ice is on.
Winter Bass (audio)
Approach winter like a long cold front.
Fly Patterns for Spinning Tackle (audio)
Use some of those flies on your spinning rod for great success.
Fishing for Fall Turkey (audio)
Scout for fall turkey when you're going fishing.
Strip Pit Fishing (audio)
Don't pass up great fishing -- hit the strip pits near you!
Keeping our Rivers Clean (audio)
We need to keep our rivers clean to continue the heritage of fishing.
Shady Bank Fishing (audio)
Try fishing in the shade and scrubbing your hands in salt to catch more fish.
Southern Missouri Sucker Fishing (audio)
Autumn isn't just for wingshooting -- it's also a great time to do some nighttime sucker fishing.
An Unusual Friend of the Bass (audio)
Sometimes two different species rely on each other in nature.
Finding those Ledges and Dropoffs (audio)
Check those drawdowns on reservoirs to find the low natural cover.
The Smallest of Sharks (audio)
The Pygmy sharks are a very small shark found offshore, in most warm waters worldwide.
Fishing at Night (audio)
It doesn't matter what kind of fish you're after -- night fishing will produce!
Striped Bass Will Strike Twice! (audio)
One man catches a 28-pound striper --twice.
The Beauty of Fishing (audio)
Sometimes there's more to fishing than catching fish.
Florida Bay Snook Fishing (audio)
The Florida Bay offers plenty of snook fishing during most of the year.
Perch Fishing in Chicago (audio)
Next time you visit Chicago, take a pole!
San Augustine, TX -- A Fishing Hub (audio)
Some great fishing vacation spots!
Trout Streams (audio)
Look to Minnesota for good angling.
Lake Erie Smallmouth (audio)
For large smallmouth, check out Lake Erie.
Muskies (audio)
The right time to catch a musky.
New Trophies (audio)
A few new record fish.
Fishing Tip (audio)
Stay postive to catch more fish.
Big Walleye (audio)
Where to catch the best eyes.
America (audio)
Offer your kids more than memories.
Who Flyfishes (audio)
Lots more people fly fish than you think.
Jimmy Houston (audio)
The difference a little outdoors can make.
Alaskan Fishing (audio)
Information for easy-access salmon fishing.
Big Bass (audio)
Farmpond monsters.
Lake Fork (audio)
Crappie fishing on Lake Fork.
A little Talk With Keith Kavajecz (audio)
Keith tells all about fishing up to 200 days a year.
Bluegill (audio)
Going after the spunky panfish.
Riding Bait a Little Higher (audio)
Sometimes, it's best to run your bait off the bottom.
Illegal Fish (audio)
Fines hit a few Kansas outlaws.
Flyfishing the Salt (audio)
The right flyrod for saltwater.
Wally Marshall (audio)
What's the fun about crappie fishing?
Fishing Definitions (audio)
Words fishermen should know.
Unlimited Possibilites Incorporated (audio)
This great company helps blind children enjoy the wonders of fishing.
Rubber Bands (audio)
Uses for rubber bands.
Catch and Release (audio)
Putting trophies back where you got them.
Small-Water Catfish (audio)
How to catch catfish on small rivers and big lakes.
Hawaii Fishing (audio)
Hawaii isn't just a tourist place, it also has great fishing.
Bobbers (audio)
Using a bobber to better your fishing.
Rick Clunn on Fishing (audio)
Being a focused fisherman.
Why People Fish (audio)
Start a kid fishing and they'll enjoy it forever.
Recycle (audio)
Make the most of what you have left.
Weed Beds (audio)
Tips to fish weed beds.
Fish Fishburn (audio)
Why to take kids fishing.
The Cost of Fishing (audio)
How much does the average angler spend?
Carp (audio)
Go carp fishing.
The Feel of Fishing (audio)
What makes fishing so great.
Fishing Tip (audio)
Taking better fish photos.
Stacey King (audio)
Becoming a tournament angler.
Clean Water (audio)
The clean water act.
Weightless Baits (audio)
Using the least amount of weight for fishing.
Tournament Angling (audio)
The long road to Tournament Success.
Fresh Fish (audio)
Store fish correctly to get the most out of it.
Fishing and Camping (audio)
Places to fish and camp.
Nightcrawlers (audio)
Thing you didn't know about worms.

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