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The Boating Library contains numerous informational pieces on boating and do-it-yourself boat maintenance. Click General Boating or Boat Maintenance, and you'll find subject matter written for the novice in our "Basics" section. Our "Articles" section contains specialized info meant for the boating aficionado. You'll also find boating product reviews, buying guides, outdoor tips and radio clips from our Outdoor World Radio Show.

General Boating: Browsing ALL Buying Guides (ALL 25 ITEMS)

Don't Forget the Sunscreen
Don't Forget the Sunscreen (guide)
Using sunscreen, as well as other measures, can not only make your outing more enjoyable, but it can also save your life.

Survival Gear Buying Guide
Survival Gear Buying Guide (guide)
The best survival kit is one that is never used, but it's best to be prepared just in case you need it. Here are a few things you should consider when making your survival kit.

Flats Boats: Tips for Buying and Rigging
Flats Boats: Tips for Buying and Rigging (guide)
Skinny-water specialist Jan Maizler addresses some of the most important considerations related to choosing and outfitting a flats fishing boat.

Glossary of Binocular Terms
Glossary of Binocular Terms (guide)
Glossary of terms to help you understand binocular technology.

Fishing Rainwear: A Buying Guide
Fishing Rainwear: A Buying Guide (guide)
Find rainwear to fit your fishing needs in this detailed guide to wet-weather gear for anglers.

Jon Boats in Saltwater? You Bet!
Jon Boats in Saltwater? You Bet! (guide)
Aluminum Jon boats cost very little to operate and can go almost anywhere -- even saltwater.

Weather Instruments: A Buyer's Guide
Weather Instruments: A Buyer's Guide (guide)
Weather stations, weather radios, wind measuring devices -- each of these have a place in the kit of outdoor enthusiasts.

Guide to Battery Chargers
Guide to Battery Chargers (guide)
Wet-cell, gel and AGM batteries respond to charging in different ways, and using the right battery charger with the correct settings will help preserve the life of your boat's batteries.

Boat Battery Buying Guide
Boat Battery Buying Guide (guide)
Confused about marine batteries? This guide will help you sort through the different types and choose the ideal battery for the task at hand.

Boat Seat Buyer's Guide
Boat Seat Buyer's Guide (guide)
Make your time on the water more enjoyable by choosing the right boat seat for your boating style and activities.

Staying Hydrated
Staying Hydrated (guide)
Keep your thirst quenched when outdoors with these hydration solutions.

Understanding Trailer Tire Sizes
Understanding Trailer Tire Sizes (guide)
A useful guide to gauging trailer tires sizes.

Boat Cover Buyer's Guide
Boat Cover Buyer's Guide (guide)
A cover will keep your boat looking fresh and new. Here's how to choose the best cover for your boat.

Outfitting Your Fishing Canoe
Outfitting Your Fishing Canoe (guide)
Canoe fishing can be a good way to target your favorite fish and with the right accessories they can be quite comfortable.

Outfitting Your Feet for Fishing
Outfitting Your Feet for Fishing (guide)
What you choose to wear on your feet can have a direct impact on your comfort level for the day.

Boat Trailer Accessory Buyer's Guide
Boat Trailer Accessory Buyer's Guide (guide)
The right tools and equipment are two important factors in successfully towing and launching a boat.

Accessories to Keep Your Boat Organized
Accessories to Keep Your Boat Organized (guide)
In this Buyer's Guide, I'll discuss some of the basic boat accessories to keep your vessel organized.

Choosing the Right PFD
Choosing the Right PFD (guide)
An informative guide to PFD types and tips for choosing a Personal Floatation Device.

Choosing the Right Trolling Motor
Choosing the Right Trolling Motor (guide)
With so many motors on the market, how do you pick the one for you?

Boater's Spring Cleaning
Boater's Spring Cleaning (guide)
Finding the right cleaning equipment can be a little daunting, but we'll go through it together.

Finding the Right Fishfinder
Finding the Right Fishfinder (guide)
Every angler -- saltwater, freshwater, hardwater or kayak -- can benefit from sonar. Find out what features will benefit you most before choosing your next fishfinder.

Picking Polarized Sunglasses
Picking Polarized Sunglasses (guide)
Just as important as your favorite lure or high-tech reel, polarized sunglasses will help you to catch more fish -- plain and simple.

Choosing the Right Anchor
Choosing the Right Anchor (guide)
Follow this handy guide and become a boat anchor guru!

How to Select a Canoe
How to Select a Canoe (guide)
Factors to consider before purchasing the paddler's craft.
Bass Boat Buying Guide (guide)
Shop right to get the best boat deal! Learn how to narrow your options and get the rig of your dreams at a price you can afford.

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