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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Panfish: Browsing ALL Audio Items (ALL 88 ITEMS)
Just One Crappie Lure (audio)
If you had just one lure to catch crappie, it would probably be a jig.
Size Matters (audio)
Use the right size baits to bring in the crappie.
Strange Lakes (audio)
Tips to catch fish on new lakes.
Live Bait (audio)
Do-it-yourself baits.
Finding Crappie (audio)
Autumn is transition time for crappie.
Fish Tricks (audio)
Helpful hints to get fish strikes.
Gills and Pads (audio)
Tips for finding fish in this great cover.
Hot Crappie (audio)
Hot Crappie
Night Lights (audio)
Fish under lights to catch more crappie.
Finding Crappie (audio)
Minnow Hooks (audio)
How to pick the right hook for minnow-fishing for crappie.
Catching Crappie (audio)
Some great tips on catching these tasty fish.
Stealing Minnows (audio)
Some tips on catching those theiving crappie!
Wood Crappie (audio)
In early Spring, Crappie head for the woods.
Slow Presentation (audio)
Going slow is key for winter crappie.
Finding Crappie Hotspots (audio)
Use maps to find the right crappie fishing holes.
Crappie Hangouts (audio)
Finding those wily crappie around underwater stumps.
Autumn Crappie (audio)
Keys to Autumn crappie.
Night Fishing (audio)
Sundown is primetime to fish.
Lure Color (audio)
Choose the right color to get the crappie.
Minnow Fishing for Crappie (audio)
The right hooks to use during your next crappie trip.
Sam Heaton Crappie Fishing (audio)
Sam Heaton gives some tips on reading structure for crappie fishing.
Big Bluegills (audio)
Tips for landing big gills.
Light Tackle (audio)
More fish and bigger fish.
Catching Crappie (audio)
Searching for the Crappie.
Quick tips for Fishing (audio)
Hints every fisherman should hear.
Fiddling for Worms (audio)
Learn how to fiddle for worms.
Panfish Feeding (audio)
Tricks for catching panfish after a cold front.
Attracting Fish (audio)
Building a fish condo.
Fishing Variety (audio)
Places in Canada to catch all kinds of species.
Fishing Patterns (audio)
Setup a plan to duplicate events outdoors.
Special Water (audio)
Look for necked down waterways.
Freezing Fish (audio)
Tricks for freezing fish.
Christmas Tree Brush Piles (audio)
Use your old Christmas tree to create a great fishing spot.
Finding Crappie Hotspots (audio)
Check out a topo map to find the good crappie spots.
Depth and Temp (audio)
Remember to fish where the fish are.
Ice Fishing (audio)
Finding bait in the winter.
Crappie Hangouts (audio)
Find stumps and you'll find crappie.
Overhangs (audio)
Fish under places that have insects.
Crappie Year Around (audio)
Use old maps to find the crappie all year long.
Priceless Outdoors (audio)
What the term Conservation implies.
Tips for Fishing (audio)
Quick hints to make fishing simple.
Rend Lake Crappie (audio)
A great Southern Illinois crappie lake.
Summer Crappie (audio)
Where the crappie hang out in the hot weather.
Wally Talks Crappie (audio)
Wally talks about the great fun you can have with crappie fishing.
Crappie Lure Colors (audio)
Try switching colors to catch close-mouthed crappie.
The Versatile Lures (audio)
A few lures that will work for most freshwater fish.
Night Bass Fishing (audio)
Try some nighttime bass fishing for some excitement!
Take a Child Fishing (audio)
Teaching kids about the outdoors.
Trolling (audio)
Trolling can offer good chances at fish.
Fishing Depth (audio)
Fish eyes look upward.
Fishing Instead of Drugs (audio)
Getting kids involved in a sport that changes their future.
Foundations (audio)
Old rock and brick make good fish hotspots.
Fish Follows (audio)
How to entice a fish to strike.
USFWS (audio)
Keeping the money where it's needed.
Cane Pole (audio)
Catching fish on a 12-foot rod.
Pro Tips (audio)
Tips from the guys who know.
Bluegill Delight (audio)
Big bluegills are a sure bet for fun.
Babe Winkleman (audio)
Introducing kids to fishing.
Wally on Crappie Fishing (audio)
some great tips on catching crapping during the summer season.
Fish Different Depths for Crappie (audio)
Too deep, or too shallow -- crappie won't respond unless it's just right.
Toledo Crappie (audio)
A great Texas lake for crappie.
Fishing from Shore (audio)
Shore bound anglers should focus fishing efforts.
Fish Senses (audio)
A fish's nose is much better than you ever thought.
Winter Fishing (audio)
Winter fishing can still be hot.
Fishing Preservation (audio)
Understanding catch and realease.
Spring Fishing Classic (audio)
What goes on at the famous Spring Fishing Classic.
Fish Species (audio)
North America has more than 2000 different kinds of fish.
Brushpiles (audio)
Use old christmas trees for fish habitat.
Weiss Lake Slab-sides (audio)
Catching Crappie at Weiss Lake.
Fishing at Night (audio)
It doesn't matter what kind of fish you're after -- night fishing will produce!
New Trophies (audio)
A few new record fish.
Fishing Tip (audio)
Stay postive to catch more fish.
Lake Fork (audio)
Crappie fishing on Lake Fork.
Wally Marshall (audio)
What's the fun about crappie fishing?
Fishing Definitions (audio)
Words fishermen should know.
Bluegill (audio)
Going after the spunky panfish.
Catch and Release (audio)
Putting trophies back where you got them.
Bobbers (audio)
Using a bobber to better your fishing.
Fishing Tip (audio)
Taking better fish photos.
The Feel of Fishing (audio)
What makes fishing so great.
Weightless Baits (audio)
Using the least amount of weight for fishing.
Weed Beds (audio)
Tips to fish weed beds.
Rick Clunn on Fishing (audio)
Being a focused fisherman.
Fresh Fish (audio)
Store fish correctly to get the most out of it.
Nightcrawlers (audio)
Thing you didn't know about worms.
Why People Fish (audio)
Start a kid fishing and they'll enjoy it forever.
Fish Fishburn (audio)
Why to take kids fishing.

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