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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Bass Fishing: Browsing ALL Tips (ALL 83 ITEMS)
Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Bass Pro Shops:

 Bass Pro Shops
Lead or No Lead? (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Keeping anglers at the forefront of wildlife conservation.

Drop Shotting (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Tactics for deep, suspending fish.

Flipping to Dock Dwellers (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Add distance to your cast!

Increase Your Catch (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Check hooks, knots and drag tension to increase your catch!

Fishing the Float 'n' Fly (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
The Float 'n' Fly puts monster smallies in the boat when nothing else will!

Buzzbait Follow-up Lures (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Try these follow-up tactics.

Versatile Spinnerbaits (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Don't get stuck in a rut -- change it up!

No-Brainer Baits (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
You can't fish a prop bait wrong.

All-Year Jerkin' (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Jerkbaits are great search baits when fishing new water.

De-Tuning Hardbaits (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Put your lure in the strike zone.

The Whims of Fate (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Why do hot lures fall out of the limelight?

Crankin' Ledges (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Big cranks and bluff shorelines.

KVD on Blades (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
"The blade is THE lure to trigger coldwater strikes."

Fishing Line Basics (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Consider the conditions and the situation when choosing line.

Don't Throw Caution to the Wind (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Avoid the overhead long bomb.

Employ the Flip-Flop (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
When fish become wary...

Good Pitching (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Develop your pitching arm.

Drop Shotting Bass (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Keep your bait in the strike zone.

Fine-Tuning Your Reel (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Adjust spool tension to the weight of your lure.

Sound Strategy! (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Add sound to make your bait more appealing.

Mono vs. Braid (Author: Bass Pro Shops)
Monofilament and braided line guidelines.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Penny Berryman:

Penny Berryman
Changing Colors (Author: Penny Berryman)
Light penetration, water clarity affect color visibility.

Fishing Stumps (Author: Penny Berryman)
Don't pass up these largemouth magnets!

Shortcuts To Find Bass (Author: Penny Berryman)
Shortcuts to save you time when your time is limited

Bass Tricks (Author: Penny Berryman)
Tips for taking more bass!

Flexibility (Author: Penny Berryman)
Making longer casts and fishing deeper into cover will help you hook more fish.

Cold Weather Bass Baits (Author: Penny Berryman)
Tips for lure selection.

Conquering Fear (Author: Penny Berryman)
Lose your fear of hanging lures and catch more fish.

Improving Your Odds (Author: Penny Berryman)
Keep records and catch more fish.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Rick Clunn:

Rick Clunn
Swimming Spoons (Author: Rick Clunn)
There's nothing like a bass smashing your swimming spoon to raise your heartbeat!

Topwater Bass Tactics (Author: Rick Clunn)
Tips for tempting bass with topwater baits.

Bass Follow Fence Rows (Author: Rick Clunn)
Old fence rows serve as migration highways.

Pattern Fishing (Author: Rick Clunn)
Pattern fishing works on all fish and several patterns can exist at once.

Using a Crankbait (Author: Rick Clunn)
Crankbait Quandaries: When Bass Hold Deep, Go After Them

Fishing Resolution (Author: Rick Clunn)
Learn to fish for bass.

The Strike Zone (Author: Rick Clunn)
How and what to fish your first time on new water.

Grubbing For Bass (Author: Rick Clunn)
What is the one lure that can be fished in more ways than any other -- the grub.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Bill Dance:

Bill Dance
Fishing Points for Bass (Author: Bill Dance)
Points are important structures when targeting fall bass.

Strike Zone (Author: Bill Dance)
Figure out the personality of the fish you're after, find their strike zone, and you could hit a home run.

Little Water, Big Bass (Author: Bill Dance)
Small waters equal big summer bass!

Fish the Fall Flats (Author: Bill Dance)
When you want a big largemouth, focus on the flats.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Woo Daves:

Woo Daves
Brush Fishing (Author: Woo Daves)
Woo's tips for finding the most productive brush.

Replica Fish Mounts (Author: Woo Daves)
Thanks to today's skilled taxidermists, you can have your trophy on the wall and in the water!

River Bass (Author: Woo Daves)
Here are some great places to find and catch bass in rivers.

Wade Fishing (Author: Woo Daves)
Wade fishing is fun and productive for the hot days of summer.

Spooky Bass (Author: Woo Daves)
Too much rattle can spook fish under certain conditions.

Cold Weather Bass (Author: Woo Daves)
Winter warriors adjust their tactics for the cold.

Points (Author: Woo Daves)
Just remember to fish slow, no matter what you're using.

Fish Talk (Author: Woo Daves)
Learn to talk to other fisherman.

Presentation (Author: Woo Daves)
The right retrieve for big bass.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Edwin Evers:

Edwin Evers
Fall Bass (Author: Edwin Evers)
Tips for fast-action fall fishing!

Find Big Bass (Author: Edwin Evers)
Try these structures for big summer bass.

Bass Bites (Author: Edwin Evers)
Four tips for more and bigger bass.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by David Fritts:

David Fritts
Pattern Fishing (Author: David Fritts)
A new system to help you catch more fish.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Tim Horton:

Tim Horton
Bass Tricks (Author: Tim Horton)
Bass fishing tactics for low-visibility conditions.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Jimmy Houston:

Jimmy Houston
Hire a Guide (Author: Jimmy Houston)
Most fishing guides give you an honest day's work for their fee.

Soft Plastic Stick Baits (Author: Jimmy Houston)
These tantalizing baits draw strikes, so pay attention and be ready.

Fishing Home Water (Author: Jimmy Houston)
Think your local waters only hold small fish? Think again.

Smart Fish (Author: Jimmy Houston)
Like humans, some fish are smarter than others.

Cold Front Presentation (Author: Jimmy Houston)
You have to adapt to the weather and concentrate on presentation to be effective.

Christmas Tree Fish (Author: Jimmy Houston)
Don't just take that old tree to the dump!

Whites On The Run (Author: Jimmy Houston)
As white bass await their spawn, anglers can increase their catch.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Mike Huffman:

Mike Huffman
Travel Storage Systems (Author: Mike Huffman)
Packing Tips for Traveling Anglers

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Stacey King:

Stacey King
Stop Fishing (Author: Stacey King)
Halt your retrieve when fish follow but refuse to strike.

Jerkbait Fishing (Author: Stacey King)
Do the jerk for post-spawn bass.

Barometer Bass (Author: Stacey King)

Fish Condos (Author: Stacey King)
Move the fish into their new condo and stop by for a visit.

Best Bass Month (Author: Stacey King)
Bass are very aggressive at this time of year, but they are also likely to be very scattered.

Get Cranky (Author: Stacey King)
Cranks are great for finding scattered fish.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Jerry Martin:

Jerry Martin
Wobblers (Author: Jerry Martin)
When you retrieve one of these lures by a largemouth, smallmouth or muskie, the wobbling action entices awesome surface strikes.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Kevin VanDam:

Kevin VanDam
Sound Advice (Author: Kevin VanDam)
Be as quiet as you possibly can.

Rocks and Stumps (Author: Kevin VanDam)
Learn why you should be targeting these "resting" areas for big bass.

Fishing Windy Banks (Author: Kevin VanDam)
Some great info on how to fish those windy banks in spring.

Water Maps (Author: Kevin VanDam)
Good maps make a difference.

February Bassin' (Author: Kevin VanDam)
Fishing in February: Temperature and Clarity Define Prespawn Fishing

Binge Feeding (Author: Kevin VanDam)
Hot spots for summertime bass.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Mike Webb:

Mike Webb
Bluff Ledges (Author: Mike Webb)
Check out these vertical structures for late-fall and early-winter bass.

Weed Fish (Author: Mike Webb)
Practically every species of fish likes to spend time in the weeds.

Boat Docks (Author: Mike Webb)
Docks are a great place to find fish.

Big Bass (Author: Mike Webb)
Remember those little forgotten or ignored spots.

Bass Fishing Tips Authored by Larry Whiteley:

Larry Whiteley
Taking Kids Fishing (Author: Larry Whiteley)
Getting kids hooked on fishing is a gift of immeasurable value.

Bronzeback Time (Author: Larry Whiteley)
Fall is a magical time of year for river smallmouth fishing.

Fake Fish (Author: Larry Whiteley)
If your taxidermist is any good, you won't be able to tell the fiberglass replica from the real fish.

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