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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Bass Fishing: Browsing ALL Buying Guides (ALL 46 ITEMS)

Best Baits for Summer River Largemouth
Best Baits for Summer River Largemouth (guide)
A carefully crafted plan is key to success when targeting creeks or rivers for largemouth bass. This guide explains bait strategies for tackling summer river largemouth at every level of the water column.

Fishing Waders Buying Guide
Fishing Waders Buying Guide (guide)
The right waders keep you dry and comfortable, while an inappropriate pair can contribute to a miserable day in the water. Follow the tips in our fishing wader guide, and you'll stay high and dry all season long.

Stocking the Stream Angler's Tackle Box
Stocking the Stream Angler's Tackle Box (guide)
Crankbaits, tube lures, floating minnows and in-line spinners are staples for anglers who fish streams. Read on to learn the best lures and tactics for stream fishing.

Best Baits for River Smallmouth
Best Baits for River Smallmouth (guide)
Next time you're after river smallmouth, try these deadly dozen baits to put more fish in your boat.

Fishing Lights Guide
Fishing Lights Guide (guide)
Night anglers use three types of specialty lights: floating fishing lights, submersible fishing lights and black lights. Find out which light is right for you.

Lowrance Glossary of Terms for Sonar/GPS
Lowrance Glossary of Terms for Sonar/GPS (guide)
A glossary of terms for Lowrance fish finder technology.

Gamakatsu Bass Hook Guide
Gamakatsu Bass Hook Guide (guide)
Gamakatsu makes a hook for every bass fishing scenario imaginable. Here's their guide to choosing the right Gamakatsu hook for your situation.

Fishing Rainwear: A Buying Guide
Fishing Rainwear: A Buying Guide (guide)
Find rainwear to fit your fishing needs in this detailed guide to wet-weather gear for anglers.

Bass Tackle Basics
Bass Tackle Basics (guide)
Knowing what lure to use and when to use it is paramount to success in bass fishing, so read on to learn the basics of largemouth lure selection.

Bass Rod Buying Guide
Bass Rod Buying Guide (guide)
Choosing 'the right' rod for bass fishing can be tough given the seemingly endless list of techniques necessary for chasing Mr. Bucket Mouth. Here's a guide to help you through the selection process.

Boat Battery Buying Guide
Boat Battery Buying Guide (guide)
Confused about marine batteries? This guide will help you sort through the different types and choose the ideal battery for the task at hand.

Spinnerbait Buyer's Guide
Spinnerbait Buyer's Guide (guide)
Learn the ins and outs of these time-tested lures in this comprehensive guide to spinnerbaits.

Sorting Through Swimbaits
Sorting Through Swimbaits (guide)
Swimbaits have taken the angling world by storm. Although most the buzz focuses on trophy largemouth, many styles are just as deadly for walleye, stripers, pike and other species. To learn the differences in the various swimbait styles, read on.

Fishing Footwear Guide
Fishing Footwear Guide (guide)
Outfit your feet with quality footwear for the best protection and comfort on the water.

Casting Reel Buyer's Guide
Casting Reel Buyer's Guide (guide)
Casting reels can be daunting to anglers unfamiliar with these time-tested tools of the trade. In this guide you'll learn how casting reels work, when to use a casting reel and how to get the very best reel for your money.

Fishing Hook Buyer's Guide
Fishing Hook Buyer's Guide (guide)
Given the huge selection of hooks hanging in the terminal tackle isle, it's no wonder anglers have a hard time deciding which hook is best for each application. Here's some information on hook parts and types.

Fishing Line Buyer's Guide
Fishing Line Buyer's Guide (guide)
Don't be daunted by the luxury of so much line choice. This guide will help you sift through the shelf and select the best string with ease.

Fishing Weights Buyer's Guide
Fishing Weights Buyer's Guide (guide)
Many sport fish relate to the bottom, and one of the best ways to get your artificial baits to them is by using the appropriate weight. But with so many weighting options, how's an angler to know which one is best for each application?

Fishing Net Buyer's Guide
Fishing Net Buyer's Guide (guide)
Nets help catch fish. Whether you're using one to land a trophy or working a seine to corral bait, nets are important fishing tools. This buyer's guide will overview the "ins and outs" of fishing nets to help you pick the best model for your needs.

Choosing Lures for Stripers
Choosing Lures for Stripers (guide)
Add these artificials to your arsenal and see if they don't bring an exciting new dimension to your striper fishing.

Fishing Gift Guide
Fishing Gift Guide (guide)
Searching for gifts for your special angler? Check out these great gift ideas for folks who love to wet a line!

Boat Cover Buyer's Guide
Boat Cover Buyer's Guide (guide)
A cover will keep your boat looking fresh and new. Here's how to choose the best cover for your boat.

Live Bait and Hook Selection Primer
Live Bait and Hook Selection Primer (guide)
Sometimes Mother Nature provides us with the best fish-catchers around. Follow these tips and make live bait and the right hooks work for you.

Plastic Perfection
Plastic Perfection (guide)
If you're serious about catching more and bigger bass, here are eight plastic baits you've gotta try.

Cold Water Bass Lures
Cold Water Bass Lures (guide)
If you've had trouble scoring strikes when the water temp drops below 50 degrees, study these tips from fishing's top pros and guides to heat up your next bass outing.

Hot Baits for Lake El Salto
Hot Baits for Lake El Salto (guide)
We've got up-to-date information on the hot lures and colors for El Salto!

Fishing Spoons Guide
Fishing Spoons Guide (guide)
Today, specialty spoons are fished from the surface to the bottom.

Weighing In on Fishing Scales
Weighing In on Fishing Scales (guide)
A new breed of fishing scales offer anglers a quick, easy way to weigh their trophy catch. Find out which scale is right for you.

Figuring Out Flipping Jigs
Figuring Out Flipping Jigs (guide)
Come and see what the flipping jig fuss is all about -- but only if you're prepared to catch lunker-sized largemouth bass.

Choosing Freshwater Gear: Spinning or Baitcasting
Choosing Freshwater Gear: Spinning or Baitcasting (guide)
Spinning or baitcasting? Which is better for freshwater applications?

Introduction to Fishing Sinkers
Introduction to Fishing Sinkers (guide)
No matter what kind of fishing you're doing, there's a sinker to suit your needs.

The Lowdown on Fish Attractants
The Lowdown on Fish Attractants (guide)
Read on to find out how applying scent can bring about sure-fire success.

Fishing Clothing Buyer's Guide
Fishing Clothing Buyer's Guide (guide)
Fishing certainly doesn't have to be a fashion show, but the clothes you choose to wear have a direct impact on your comfort levels when on the water.

Stocking Up on Plastic Bait
Stocking Up on Plastic Bait (guide)
The flexible bodies of soft-plastics allow them to appear extremely life-like in the water

Choosing a Tackle Box
Choosing a Tackle Box (guide)
A storage system is an angler's office when out on the water, and everything must be in perfect order when out in our watery domain.

Soft Baits for Bass
Soft Baits for Bass (guide)
Learn about the most popular soft bait styles for bass, including how to choose and rig each for various fishing situations.

Rod Holder Buying Guide
Rod Holder Buying Guide (guide)
Rod holders are an integral part of your fishing boat setup, affecting both success and comfort when out on the water.

Choosing the Right Trolling Motor
Choosing the Right Trolling Motor (guide)
With so many motors on the market, how do you pick the one for you?

Fishing Jigs: A Buyer's Guide
Fishing Jigs: A Buyer's Guide (guide)
A jig can appear rather simple in design, yet there's more to jig heads and jig baits than you might think!

Finding the Right Fishfinder
Finding the Right Fishfinder (guide)
Every angler -- saltwater, freshwater, hardwater or kayak -- can benefit from sonar. Find out what features will benefit you most before choosing your next fishfinder.

Picking Polarized Sunglasses
Picking Polarized Sunglasses (guide)
Just as important as your favorite lure or high-tech reel, polarized sunglasses will help you to catch more fish -- plain and simple.

Spinning Reel Buyer's Guide
Spinning Reel Buyer's Guide (guide)
Choosing a spinning reel may seem tough, but learning how a spinning reel operates and the terms used to discuss reel performance can shorten the learning curve dramatically.

Choosing the Right Fishing Line
Choosing the Right Fishing Line (guide)
No single type of line is perfect for all fishing conditions.

Choosing the Right Anchor
Choosing the Right Anchor (guide)
Follow this handy guide and become a boat anchor guru!

Crankbait Buyer's Guide
Crankbait Buyer's Guide (guide)
Take the guesswork out of crankbaits by learning some of the basic traits and uses of these fantastic fish catchers.
Bass Boat Buying Guide (guide)
Shop right to get the best boat deal! Learn how to narrow your options and get the rig of your dreams at a price you can afford.

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