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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Bass Fishing: Browsing ALL Audio Items (ALL 173 ITEMS)
South Carolina Striper (audio)
March and April are great months for hitting the striper waters.
March Bass (audio)
Use crankbaits to bring in those spring bass!
Tricks for Autumn Bass (audio)
Try fishing a jerkbait for autumn success.
Strange Lakes (audio)
Tips to catch fish on new lakes.
Shenandoah Smallmouth (audio)
A great place for smallmouth.
Speed Fishing (audio)
Fast fishing for shallow fall bass.
Live Bait (audio)
Do-it-yourself baits.
Fall Smallmouth (audio)
It's magic time for river fishing.
Fish Tricks (audio)
Helpful hints to get fish strikes.
Soft Sticks (audio)
Big Bass (audio)
Bass Lures (audio)
A few tried-and-true lures for bringing in bucketmouths.
Spotted Bass (audio)
Try spotted bass for a great fishing fun!
Small-Lake Bass (audio)
How to catch those big bass in small waters.
Smart Big Bass (audio)
So why are those trophy bass so smart?
Jig N Pig (audio)
One of the greatest bass combinations!
Smallmouth Lakes (audio)
Find the crayfish, and you'll find the smallies!
The Popular Jerkbait (audio)
Jerkbaits are popular for good reasons - they work!
Possible Record Bass (audio)
A man eats a potential state record bass!
Stacey King on Spring Bass (audio)
Some good spring bass tips from Stacey King.
March Bass Fishing (audio)
Some tips on catching bass in March.
Trophy-Class Smallmouth (audio)
Where to look for the trophy-sized smallmouth bass.
Bass Eyes (audio)
Bass use their eyes to see bait quite often.
Boat Dock Bass (audio)
How to catch bass off your favorite docks.
Bass Ears (audio)
Some tips on using noisy lures.
Bridges and Bass (audio)
Use bridges to find those elusive bass.
Dying Shad Techniques (audio)
During the winter, shad will die off as the water temps drop.
White Bass In The Winter (audio)
Finding white bass during the winter.
Winter Bass Fishing (audio)
Tips on winter bass fishing.
Creatures of Habit (audio)
Some tips on "speed fishing."
Hiding Bass (audio)
Some bass don't need to hide, so fish the open water!
Flippin' and Pitching Jigs (audio)
Imitate a shad during the fall, and you'll be successful.
Clear-Water Condidtions (audio)
Some tips on fishing with a spinnerbait.
Striper Fishing (audio)
Where to find those large striper bass.
Stocking Ponds (audio)
Hints to make your pond a great fishery.
Muddy Water (audio)
Change your approach to catching bass.
Night Fishing (audio)
Sundown is primetime to fish.
Summer Bass (audio)
This is when bass binge feed.
Fluttering for Fish (audio)
A way to catch big lazy fish.
A Secret Bass Lure (audio)
A great lure that you might not think to use for bass.
Follow Ups (audio)
Use a follow-up cast to catch stubborn fish.
Rock and Brick (audio)
Some resevoirs have old foundations that hide bass.
Texas Bass Fishing (audio)
Try Toledo Bend for great Texas fishing!
Weed Growth (audio)
Some tips on fishing bass in the weeds.
Smart Bass (audio)
The reason for smart big bass.
Downsize to Catch Bass (audio)
Some tips on fishing small waters.
Penny and Woo on Bass (audio)
Two Pros give great advice on summer fishing.
Becoming an Angler (audio)
Take a kid fishing or they might never go.
Buffalo River (audio)
This was our first National River and it's full of smallmouth.
More and Bigger Bass (audio)
Natures hints to finding bass.
Rock Bass (audio)
All about the goggleye.
Plastic Rat (audio)
This bait is not as strange as it seems.
Light Tackle (audio)
More fish and bigger fish.
Jig and Pig (audio)
This is possibly the best bass bait.
Rick Clunn on Professional Fishing (audio)
Larry talks to Rick about become a professional angler.
The Typical Bass Angler (audio)
Some facts about B.A.S.S. Members.
Jerkbait Tips (audio)
Some great tips on fishing the Pro's favorite bait.
Presenting Natural Baits (audio)
Go slow with natural baits.
The Protective Smallmouth (audio)
Get to know the personality of your favorite gamefish.
Bass-Busted Plastic Worms (audio)
Recycle those old worms for more fishing!
Spring Bass Tips (audio)
Catching bass after the ice melts.
Quick tips for Fishing (audio)
Hints every fisherman should hear.
Bass and Barometer (audio)
Tips for bass in structure.
Finding Bluegill (audio)
Interesting facts about the bluegill spawn.
Tailwater Bass (audio)
Tips for these productive waters.
Panfish Feeding (audio)
Tricks for catching panfish after a cold front.
Boundry Waters (audio)
It's always a good time to fish in the Boundry Waters.
Winning the Lottery (audio)
Not the monetary kind, the fishing lottery!
Tube Outlets (audio)
Fishing below Dams at the outlets.
Special Water (audio)
Look for necked down waterways.
Think Deep for Cold Bass (audio)
Tips for finding cold-water bass.
Freezing Fish (audio)
Tricks for freezing fish.
Fishing Patterns (audio)
Setup a plan to duplicate events outdoors.
Big Bass (audio)
Places to find big forgotten bass.
Farm Ponds (audio)
Millions of acres of good fishing is in ponds.
Winter White Bass (audio)
Try a small white jig to catch white bass in the winter.
Depth and Temp (audio)
Remember to fish where the fish are.
Overhangs (audio)
Fish under places that have insects.
A Catch of a Lifetime (audio)
A five-year old catches a 13-pound bass on a farm pond.
Fall Fishing Points (audio)
In the fall, look for the lake points for bass.
Fall Fishing (audio)
Fishing for bass in the fall will produce great results!
Jigs for Bass (audio)
Learn about this versitile lure.
Priceless Outdoors (audio)
What the term Conservation implies.
Bass Tips (audio)
Tricks for spinnerbait fishing.
Stripers (audio)
Hints to catch big stripers.
Bass and Cover (audio)
Big-hog bass don't need as much cover.
Bass Instinct (audio)
Tricks for speed fishing.
Tips for Fishing (audio)
Quick hints to make fishing simple.
Muddy-Water Fishing (audio)
Muddy water isn't the scourge of bass fishing.
Summertime Bass Fishing (audio)
Some tips on beating the heat for summertime bass.
Fluttering For Fish (audio)
A little flutter goes a long way for finicky bass.
A Secret Bass Lure (audio)
This well-keep secret is probably in your tacklebox!
The Versatile Lures (audio)
A few lures that will work for most freshwater fish.
Night Bass Fishing (audio)
Try some nighttime bass fishing for some excitement!
Kevin Vandam on Summer Fishing (audio)
Vandam gives some tips on summer bass fishing.
The Topwater Twist (audio)
Try some topwater plugs for summer bass fun!
Uncle Josh (audio)
The origin of the Uncle Josh Frogs.
Fishing Cover (audio)
The amount of cover makes a big difference to the fish.
Foundations (audio)
Old rock and brick make good fish hotspots.
Take a Child Fishing (audio)
Teaching kids about the outdoors.
Trophy Smallmouth (audio)
Big baits can catch hog smallmouth.
Fish Follows (audio)
How to entice a fish to strike.
Fishing Depth (audio)
Fish eyes look upward.
Fishing Instead of Drugs (audio)
Getting kids involved in a sport that changes their future.
Trolling (audio)
Trolling can offer good chances at fish.
Babe Winkleman (audio)
Introducing kids to fishing.
Texas Bass (audio)
Texas might be your best chance at a huge bass.
Cane Pole (audio)
Catching fish on a 12-foot rod.
White Bass (audio)
Taking the biggest white bass in the school.
Pro Tips (audio)
Tips from the guys who know.
USFWS (audio)
Keeping the money where it's needed.
A Possible State-Record Bass (audio)
A filleted fish could have been a state record.
Fishing in the Trees (audio)
Some great tips to fishing around trees and foliage.
South Dakota Fishing (audio)
Check out South Dakota for monster whites, large walleyes, and plenty of fun!
Baits Bass Can't Resist (audio)
Lure color is important for successful bass fishing.
Do Your Homework (audio)
If you plan on fishing a new lake, find out as much as possible about the lake before fishing it.
Spring Fishing Tips (audio)
Using spinnerbaits to draw in the bass.
Baja California (audio)
The Lobster Coast has great game fishing opportunities.
Catching Fish in the Weeds (audio)
Find Weedbeds, and you'll find fish!
Homer Circle Tips (audio)
Homer gives some great tips for beginner bass anglers.
Cajun Country Largemouth (audio)
Go down to Cajun country to catch some whopper largemouth!
Early Spring Fishing (audio)
Some tips on early spring bass fishing!
Inlet Fishing (audio)
Look for game fish in "pockets" of inlets.
Florida Peacock Bass (audio)
The Florida peacock bass is thriving in the canal system.
Fish Senses (audio)
A fish's nose is much better than you ever thought.
Lake Cumberland (audio)
A great fishery for smallmouth bass.
Stripped Bass (audio)
The Colorado opportunities for stripers.
Winter Fishing (audio)
Winter fishing can still be hot.
Fishing from Shore (audio)
Shore bound anglers should focus fishing efforts.
Fishing Preservation (audio)
Understanding catch and realease.
Spring Fishing Classic (audio)
What goes on at the famous Spring Fishing Classic.
Fish Species (audio)
North America has more than 2000 different kinds of fish.
Winter Fishing Has its Rewards (audio)
The winter weather can produce good bass fishing -- if you take your time.
Wintertime Bass Fishing (audio)
Slow it down for wintertime bass fishing.
Disney World Lakes (audio)
Guided fishing trips around Disney World can bring in large bass.
Old Hickory Lake (audio)
Wintertime striper fishing.
Pickwick Lake (audio)
Smallmouth fishing on Pickwick Lake.
White Bass (audio)
Catching white bass year-round.
Brushpiles (audio)
Use old christmas trees for fish habitat.
Winter Bass (audio)
Approach winter like a long cold front.
Autumn Smallmouth (audio)
Some tips on catching autumn smallmouth.
An Unusual Friend of the Bass (audio)
Sometimes two different species rely on each other in nature.
Strip Pit Fishing (audio)
Don't pass up great fishing -- hit the strip pits near you!
Finding those Ledges and Dropoffs (audio)
Check those drawdowns on reservoirs to find the low natural cover.
San Augustine, TX -- A Fishing Hub (audio)
Some great fishing vacation spots!
Fishing at Night (audio)
It doesn't matter what kind of fish you're after -- night fishing will produce!
Striped Bass Will Strike Twice! (audio)
One man catches a 28-pound striper --twice.
River Bass (audio)
River bass aren't as aggressive as lake bass -- but they can be caught!
Big Bass (audio)
Farmpond monsters.
Use Bigger Baits to Catch Bass (audio)
Vibration lures bass -- use bigger baits and slow them down.
Kevin Vandam on Tourny Fishing (audio)
Vandam talks about tournament fishing and gives some useful tips.
New Trophies (audio)
A few new record fish.
Lake Erie Smallmouth (audio)
For large smallmouth, check out Lake Erie.
Fishing Tip (audio)
Stay postive to catch more fish.
Spotted Bass (audio)
Go after Spotted Bass for some extra fight.
Tracy Byrd Goes Fishin' (audio)
Byrd helps the Special Olympics with his concerts and fishing.
Catch and Release (audio)
Putting trophies back where you got them.
Big Smallmouth (audio)
Enticing the big smallmouth.
Fishing Definitions (audio)
Words fishermen should know.
Homer Circle (audio)
A great bass fishing memory.
Bobbers (audio)
Using a bobber to better your fishing.
Rick Clunn on Fishing (audio)
Being a focused fisherman.
Golden Memories (audio)
Charlie Cambell's favorite fishing memories.
Tournament Angling (audio)
The long road to Tournament Success.
Carp (audio)
Go carp fishing.
Nightcrawlers (audio)
Thing you didn't know about worms.
Fishing Tip (audio)
Taking better fish photos.
Stacey King (audio)
Becoming a tournament angler.
Fish Fishburn (audio)
Why to take kids fishing.
The Cost of Fishing (audio)
How much does the average angler spend?
Weightless Baits (audio)
Using the least amount of weight for fishing.
The Feel of Fishing (audio)
What makes fishing so great.
Weed Beds (audio)
Tips to fish weed beds.

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