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Our Hunting Library contains a wealth of information that covers nearly every aspect of hunting imaginable. From big game bear with a bow to bushytail basics, we've got the information you need to improve your skills in the woods and on the range -- whatever the game.

Each broad topic within the Hunting Library is broken down further to accommodate the informational needs of all sportsmen -- from the absolute beginner to the experienced woodsman. For example, click Turkey Hunting and scroll down the page; you'll find turkey hunting basics, articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips.

Deer Hunting: Browsing ALL Audio Items (ALL 79 ITEMS)
Deer Food (audio)
The search for food is always on a buck's mind.
Sitting Still (audio)
Sit still, and you'll see more deer.
Buck Myths (audio)
Some myths and facts about bucks.
Still Hunting (audio)
Stalking deer through the woods can be hard, but very rewarding.
Garden of Eden (audio)
Try hunting on a crop-farmer's land.
Trails (audio)
Big Bucks make their own trails.
You're a Bowhunter if . . . (audio)
Sometimes bowhunting falls on Murphy's Law.
Success Story (audio)
The white-tailed deer has survived since the last ice age.
Deer Facts (audio)
Interesting studies of the buck.
Weight Loss (audio)
Bowhunters common mistakes.
Chicago Whitetails (audio)
Bowhunting in Illinois can be fantastic.
Shaping Up (audio)
Hunting accidents related out of shape outdoorsmen are deadly.
Good Scents (audio)
All rules on deer scents are general.
Food Hunting (audio)
Early season is a good time to find bucks.
Bowhunting God's Country (audio)
The Great West is a wonderful place.
Shed Hunting (audio)
Some tips on hunting sheds.
Watching Whitetail Deer (audio)
Some trivia about the buck deer.
Spearing a Buck (audio)
The story of a "spearing" doctor.
Driving Deer (audio)
There is more to driving deer than just walking in the woods.
Finding Trophy Bucks (audio)
Where should you go to find trophy bucks?
Woo Daves On Hunting (audio)
Woo talks about rabbit and deer hunting.
Float Hunting for Deer (audio)
When the woods are dry and brittle, try float-hunting.
The Conservative Hunter (audio)
The importance of taking does.
Buck Sightings (audio)
How to find bucks late in the season.
Body Language (audio)
Learn how to tell what a buck is "saying."
Adding Weight (audio)
Grab some binos and catch those big bucks during the preseason.
Wyoming Antelope (audio)
Quantity and quality make this state the best.
Elk and Scent (audio)
Elk are just as sensitive to scent as deer.
Deer Consistantly (audio)
Some hunters are good and scout ahead of time.
An Albino Buck (audio)
The controversy over an Albino buck.
Hunting for Sheds (audio)
Hunting for sheds can help you find out a lot of information about the deer you hunt.
Deer Poachers (audio)
Mule deer poachers get a surprise.
Wild Meat (audio)
Wild game is healthier than you think.
Good Photos (audio)
Better compose your photo of the outdoors.
Plan for the Hunt (audio)
It's never to early to start preparing for the hunt.
Deer Camo (audio)
How to spot a deer.
Cold, Big Game (audio)
Deer and Elk will hide from the wind.
Cover Scent (audio)
The two kinds of cover scents.
Tasteful Photos (audio)
Tricks for tasteful trophy photos.
Kids and Quarry (audio)
Take kids hunting and let them learn about game.
Popular Deer (audio)
Whitetail deer are the most widely sought after.
Deer Calling Tactics (audio)
There's a time and place for calling.
The Right Height (audio)
How to find the right height for your deerstand.
Moon Phases (audio)
Keep track of moon times to bag a trophy.
Trophy's In the Funnels (audio)
Take some snacks to keep warm on the stand.
Glassing (audio)
Early scouting for early-season hunting.
Heart Rate (audio)
Deer hunting is not for the week of heart.
Calling Bucks (audio)
Rattle seriously and you'll be rewarded.
Callshy (audio)
To much calling is bad for bucks and gobblers.
Priceless Outdoors (audio)
What the term Conservation implies.
Stand Concealment (audio)
Tricks for helping to stay hidden in your stand.
Mule Deer Hunting (audio)
Places to find the best mule deer bucks.
Tips for Hunting (audio)
Good advice for hunting success.
Trophy Buck Destinations (audio)
Want a trophy buck? Try heading north for the season.
Hard-Working Hunters (audio)
The hunters with the trophies are the ones that put in the pre-season work.
Silent Bows (audio)
A loud bow makes all the difference on skittish deer.
America's Elk (audio)
Elk are undergoing a herd increase.
USFWS (audio)
Keeping the money where it's needed.
Gold Teeth (audio)
Bucks give gold fever.
Backcountry (audio)
Tread Lightly on backcountry adventures.
Hunting With a Camera (audio)
Using the same skills to hunt as take photography.
Shed Antlers (audio)
Hunting sheds is a good extension of hunting season.
Horn-Locked Luck (audio)
A Washington man gets a 1-in-a-million deer.
Be Safe (audio)
Common sense in firearms saftey.
Tall Tale (audio)
Tall tales from outdoorsmen.
Tony Knight (audio)
Muzzleloaders for elk country.
A Little Whitetail Deer History (audio)
The wily whitetail deer proved itself to be a very hardy creature when the market hunters hit Oklahoma.
Will's Hunting Tips (audio)
Will Primos makes sense out taking the outdoors slowly.
Bowhunting with Bob (audio)
Bob Foulkrods best outdoor memory.
Private Land (audio)
Finding access to private land is possible.
Hunting the Rut (audio)
Actually, the rut goes through the whole hunting season.
Ken's Adventures (audio)
One man and his mess.
Deer-Hunting Tips (audio)
Find the food source, and you'll find the deer.
Wildlife Laws (audio)
The history of protecting deer.
Buck Management (audio)
Playing around with nature has damaged some of the deer populations.
Still-Hunting Deer (audio)
Try a combination of still, and stand-hunting to get your trophy.
Whitetailed Deer Camouflage (audio)
Seeing deer before they see you.
The Great Whitetailed Deer (audio)
The most widely-hunted big-game animal in North America.
A 13-pointer to Remember (audio)
Roger Scales' 13-point "Buck" was a deer he will never forget.

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