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The Boating Library contains numerous informational pieces on boating and do-it-yourself boat maintenance. Click General Boating or Boat Maintenance, and you'll find subject matter written for the novice in our "Basics" section. Our "Articles" section contains specialized info meant for the boating aficionado. You'll also find boating product reviews, buying guides, outdoor tips and radio clips from our Outdoor World Radio Show.

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Jet Boat Basics
Jet Boat Basics (howto)
If you're wanting to reach waters where fish are rarely disturbed by the casual fisherman, try a jet-powered boat to glide across inches-deep water.

Being a Good Boat Partner
Being a Good Boat Partner (howto)
Here are a few reminders the next time you go out on your fishing buddy's boat to fish. Follow these simple rules of fishing etiquette and it's likely you'll be asked back.

Boat and Trailer Prep Guide
Boat and Trailer Prep Guide (howto)
Before taking off on your first boating trip of the season, remember to take some time to inspect your boat and trailer. These steps can help cut down on future expenses and down-time.

Boat Trailer Preventive Maintenance
Boat Trailer Preventive Maintenance (howto)
This article covers preventive maintenance and offers a basic pre-trip checklist to keep your rig rolling smoothly all the way to the boat ramp and back home.

Boating Safety: Getting it Right
Boating Safety: Getting it Right (howto)
Misunderstandings and myths abound when it comes to boating rules and safety. Read on to learn basic boating rules and safety suggestions.

Dewinterizing Your Boat
Dewinterizing Your Boat (howto)
Getting the boat ready for spring is paramount to smart, hassle-free boating. Not only will your boat perform better, but the likelihood of problems occurring later in the season are greatly diminished.

Winterizing Your Boat
Winterizing Your Boat (howto)
Winterizing your boat isn't a tough job. This article takes you through the process of putting your boat to bed for the winter months.

Cleaning Your Boat From Top to Bottom
Cleaning Your Boat From Top to Bottom (howto)
Follow these simple steps to make your boat shine like the day you bought it -- even if it is a few years older.

Walleye Require Boat Control
Walleye Require Boat Control (howto)
Keep a close eye on your boat control this season. The fish may not thank you, but the landing net certainly will.

Basics of Launching a Boat
Basics of Launching a Boat (howto)
Boat launches are often busy, but they don't have to be chaotic.

How to Drive a Bass Boat
How to Drive a Bass Boat (howto)
Driving a bass boat is not difficult. It can be done by anyone who can drive a car and who has some basic sense of how an outboard operates.

Fun on the Water: A Guide to Watersports
Fun on the Water: A Guide to Watersports (howto)
Like all outdoor activities, watersports and fishing require that the participants learn and follow certain rules of safety.

Turning Your Small Boat Into a Fishing Machine
Turning Your Small Boat Into a Fishing Machine (howto)
Come join me for "Boat Building 101," and learn some easy ways to soup up your boat.

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