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The Camping Library contains numerous informational pieces on topics such as orienteering, outdoor cooking and basic camping skills. Click any of the general camping categories, and you'll find subject matter written for the novice (our "Basics" content) as well as specialized info and tactics meant for the seasoned backwoodsman (our "Articles" category). You'll also find product reviews, buying guides, outdoor tips, and radio clips from our Outdoor World Radio Show.

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Take a Hike!
Take a Hike! (howto)
Hiking is an enjoyable outdoor activity that can be done by all ages. Here are some things to consider when taking your next hiking trip.

Keeping a Seasonal Calendar
Keeping a Seasonal Calendar (howto)
Life can get so hectic that we sometimes forget the outdoor season that's upon us. Take time to write out a calendar so you aren't left out.

A Safe Campsite
A Safe Campsite (howto)
Safety is important when heading out to camp in the great outdoors. Here are a few things to remember on your next outing.

Backcountry Camping
Backcountry Camping (howto)
Backcountry camping may seem rugged, but with the right tools and equipment, it can be one of the best outdoor adventures you've experienced.

Basic Tent Care
Basic Tent Care (howto)
Depending on the type of tent you have, here are some basic tips to make sure your investment lasts longer than one season.
Camping Checklist (howto)
An easy checklist to help you get organized for your next camping trip. Simply check off the items online and print it off or print it off and check them off while you pack.

Hunting for Morel Mushrooms
Hunting for Morel Mushrooms (howto)
When not out trying to bait a bear or bag a turkey, hunting for morel mushrooms is a great way to pass the time when in the outdoors.

Campfire Cooking Guide
Campfire Cooking Guide (howto)
There's nothing quite like cooking over an open flame. On your next camping trip, here are a few cooking tips sure to help you whip up some mouth watering meals.

Killer Camp Meals
Killer Camp Meals (howto)
Cooking up the perfect camp meal can bring friends and family closer together.

River Camping
River Camping (howto)
River camping provides solitude and interaction with nature and wildlife that simply is not possible with other styles of camping. To learn how to prepare for your next river camping excursion, read on.

Ticks and Lyme Disease
Ticks and Lyme Disease (howto)
Ticks and Lyme disease -- get the facts, debunk the myths, and learn how to protect yourself before and after your favorite outdoor activities.

Ultimate RV Destinations
Ultimate RV Destinations (howto)
RVs can help you explore fishing, hunting, hiking and camping destinations. With so many options, the most difficult part of your next RV trip could be deciding where to go.

Cooking Up A Shore Lunch
Cooking Up A Shore Lunch (howto)
Cooking fish on the bank of a favorite fishing hole is a tradition as old as fishing itself.

Simple Recipes for Wild Turkey
Simple Recipes for Wild Turkey (howto)
Eight easy recipes for mouthwatering wild turkey

Delicious Game Stews
Delicious Game Stews (howto)
Five belly-warming stew recipes you can prepare using any wild game meat you have on hand.

Gourmet Ways with Venison Loin
Gourmet Ways with Venison Loin (howto)
There are many recipes one can use to bring out the very best in these tender cuts of delicious venison. Here are a few from my home recipe file that are sure to be hit with all who try them.

Dutch Oven Cooking
Dutch Oven Cooking (howto)
Spice up your camp cuisine with these Dutch oven recipes and how-to tips.

How to Smoke Fish
How to Smoke Fish (howto)
Scrumptious recipes, how-to info and tips for smoked fish dinners, dips, cakes and omelets!

Fish on the Grill
Fish on the Grill (howto)
Looking for a delicious and healthy way to prepare that mess of fish you just caught? Try cooking them on the grill.

Backpacking 101: Planning & Preparation
Backpacking 101: Planning & Preparation (howto)
Proper planning is essential to a successful backpacking trip. Knowing what to bring and how to select a route is half the battle.

Goodbye Civilization, Hello Boundary Waters
Goodbye Civilization, Hello Boundary Waters (howto)
"If money is no object and you ask me about the very best bass-fishing trip, I'd send you to Ely. If you are on a tight budget and ask me the same question, I'd have the same answer for you." - Jerry McKinnis

One-Night Camping Perfection
One-Night Camping Perfection (howto)
Get packed now before the next unexpected call to camp arises!

How to Fillet and Pan-Dress Panfish
How to Fillet and Pan-Dress Panfish (howto)
Panfish are great fun to catch and delicious to eat. Learn how to properly prepare your catch for the table using the two most common fish-cleaning methods: filleting and pan-dressing.

Making Tracks: A Snowshoer's Primer
Making Tracks: A Snowshoer's Primer (howto)
Snowshoeing is a unique activity that keeps you fit, in touch with nature and more appreciative of winter. Start off slow, learn the ropes and enjoy every step along the way.

Travel-by-Tent Camping
Travel-by-Tent Camping (howto)
Car camping allows travelers to experience a trip at their own pace, on their own terms. Discover the freedom of this style of travel on your next vacation!

Four-Season Family Camping
Four-Season Family Camping (howto)
Taking advantage of all four seasons leads to more memories than summer trips alone. For quality camping trips the entire family can enjoy, preparation is key to success.

How to Deep Fry a Turkey
How to Deep Fry a Turkey (howto)
Four simple steps to a scrumptious bird!

Backpack and Wilderness Angling
Backpack and Wilderness Angling (howto)
Take a travel rod and explore the water on your next backpacking trip. The payoff of catching a few fish on the trail is well worth the weight added to your pack.

How to Pack a Canoe
How to Pack a Canoe (howto)
Canoe camping is a great way to experience any waterway. These packing and planning tips will ensure your next outing is a smooth and memorable one.

Day Hiking Basics
Day Hiking Basics (howto)
Hiking is a great way to spend time with loved ones or find solitude while giving your body a heart-pumping cardiovascular workout.

Canning Your Catch
Canning Your Catch (howto)
After your next fishing trip, try canning your catch and you'll taste why this storage technique has withstood the test of time.

Protecting Against Biting and Stinging Bugs
Protecting Against Biting and Stinging Bugs (howto)
Don't let bugs put a bite in your outdoor fun this season. Learn how to prevent potentially hazardous bites and stings.

Having What it Takes to Tow
Having What it Takes to Tow (howto)
Helpful hints to make sure your tow vehicle has what it takes to get the job done.

The Basics of Backwoods Coffee
The Basics of Backwoods Coffee (howto)
You don't need to sacrifice a lot of the modern comforts when it comes to coffee in the outdoors.

How to Pack a Backpack
How to Pack a Backpack (howto)
Packing all of this stuff into one pack might seem daunting, but it's an easy process if you follow a few basic rules.

The Versatile Walking Staff
The Versatile Walking Staff (howto)
"A hiking stick helps make the miles glide by."

Camping: How to Cope with Nuisance Wildlife
Camping: How to Cope with Nuisance Wildlife (howto)
There are some basic guidelines we can follow to ensure our experiences with wild animals are less stressful for them and less dangerous for us.

Fun-to-Cook Foods for Camp Chefs
Fun-to-Cook Foods for Camp Chefs (howto)
For many of us it's more fun to use simple, yet unique cooking methods when preparing camp meals and treats.

What to Pack for Camping
What to Pack for Camping (howto)
"Plan for the worst and hope for the best." That old saying has merit when you're camping.

How to Build a Safe Campfire
How to Build a Safe Campfire (howto)
Make your fire just large enough to meet your needs -- that's one of the main secrets of proper fire building.

Hunting Safely in Bear Country
Hunting Safely in Bear Country (howto)
Entering bear country? Learn how to avoid bears and how to act during bear encounters by following these simple safeguards.

Fire Safety for Campers
Fire Safety for Campers (howto)
If we use fire properly and follow all the necessary safety precautions, then fire is a good thing.

Maximizing Space in Camping Tents
Maximizing Space in Camping Tents (howto)
Tents can be tight on space but options do exist to keep them comfortable and somewhat roomy.

The Tempting Taste of Fish
The Tempting Taste of Fish (howto)
Grab an apron -- Fish Cooking 101 is about to begin.

Easy Camp Cookery
Easy Camp Cookery (howto)
To make your next excursion especially memorable, try the following camp cookery methods.

Emergency Fishing Techniques: Fishing for Survival
Emergency Fishing Techniques: Fishing for Survival (howto)
If you're stranded near a waterway, fish are one possible source of food. All fish are edible, and nearly all are tasty.

Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning (howto)
When I pulled my tent out of hibernation, it looked like Death's raincoat and smelled like it, too.

Cook Your Goose
Cook Your Goose (howto)
Here are several ways to prepare a snow goose that's so tasty, you'll always volunteer to bring home the geese.

Foiled Again
Foiled Again (howto)
Camp cooking doesn't have to be hard. A little aluminum foil goes a long way.

Simple Snares for Survival
Simple Snares for Survival (howto)
Catching table fare when you're in desperate need is something every outdoorsman should know how to do.

How Not to Get Lost
How Not to Get Lost (howto)
Daniel Boone said he had never been lost, but he did admit to being "mighty disoriented for several days in a row."

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