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Our Hunting Library contains a wealth of information that covers nearly every aspect of hunting imaginable. From big game bear with a bow to bushytail basics, we've got the information you need to improve your skills in the woods and on the range -- whatever the game.

Each broad topic within the Hunting Library is broken down further to accommodate the informational needs of all sportsmen -- from the absolute beginner to the experienced woodsman. For example, click Turkey Hunting and scroll down the page; you'll find turkey hunting basics, articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips.

Waterfowl: Browsing ALL Articles (ALL 35 ITEMS)

Locating Downed Birds
Locating Downed Birds (howto)
A downed game bird can vanish right before your eyes into the habitat from which it flushed. The following methods will up the odds in your favor of finding that prize we call a “bird down.”

Guide to Goose Hunting Spreads
Guide to Goose Hunting Spreads (howto)
With an overpopulation of geese in North America, hunters can take advantage of a no-limit goose hunting season by carefully picking their hunting spread.

Preventing Gun Shyness in Dogs
Preventing Gun Shyness in Dogs (howto)
Training retrievers at a young age can greatly reduce gun shyness. There are several steps hunters can take to make sure their retriever is not only a great companion but a great hunting dog.

Hunting Lease 101
Hunting Lease 101 (howto)
Considering a hunting lease? Welcome to Lease Hunting 101, a crash course covering the basic types of hunting leases and how they can enhance your hunting season next fall.

Four Great Decoy Spreads for Ducks
Four Great Decoy Spreads for Ducks (howto)
Learn four basic decoy spreads for four different settings. Hunters who apply these designs to their own particular spots and circumstances can be sure that the birds will love them.

Training the Blue Collar Retriever
Training the Blue Collar Retriever (howto)
With a little know-how and a lot of time and patience, hunters can train their own retrievers to be capable hunting companions.

Big River Waterfowl Strategies
Big River Waterfowl Strategies (howto)
Several major rivers snake through the lower half of the United States, and these rivers are natural flyways for a large segment of North America's waterfowl population. For duck and goose hunting strategies for these big rivers, read on.

Four Basic Commands to Teach Your Retriever
Four Basic Commands to Teach Your Retriever (howto)
Owning and using a capable retriever adds another dimension of pleasure to waterfowl hunting. Start your training by teaching four basic commands: sit, stay, here and fetch.

Hunting Teal in September
Hunting Teal in September (howto)
When teal are on the move, they offer terrific action. Author Wade Bourne gives advice on where, when and how to pursue these first ducks of autumn.

Freelance Hunting Across the Prairies
Freelance Hunting Across the Prairies (howto)
Planning a freelance hunt for waterfowl on the northern prairie? Follow Wade Bourne's playbook for intercepting waterfowl as they stage for their fall migration.

Float Hunting Ducks
Float Hunting Ducks (howto)
Floating is duck hunting's great getaway. It's an old style of waterfowl hunting that's little practiced today, but it's still as available, effective and exciting as ever.

Long Distance Waterfowl Calling
Long Distance Waterfowl Calling (howto)
The best long-range callers command waterfowl to come rather than invite. Read on to learn the best techniques for luring ducks and geese from the next time zone.

Shooting Tips to Bag More Ducks
Shooting Tips to Bag More Ducks (howto)
Want to improve your shot to kill ratio? Try these expert waterfowl shooting tips.

Teal Hunting the Yucatan
Teal Hunting the Yucatan (howto)
If you are a fanatic teal hunter in the United States, you owe it to yourself to visit the Yucatan during teal season. It is a teal hunter's dream come true.

The Snow Goose Sneak
The Snow Goose Sneak (howto)
Waterfowl hunters new to snow goose hunting often find that snows are tough decoy and, therefore, require a different tactic -- the snow goose sneak.

Tips for Safe Travels with Dogs
Tips for Safe Travels with Dogs (howto)
Life on the highway can be filled with dangers for hunting dogs, but most can be avoided if you prepare and plan properly.

Duck Hunting the Mississippi River Delta
Duck Hunting the Mississippi River Delta (howto)
Competition for hunting pits and blinds can be fierce in the Delta. Doing your research and making reservations well in advance is wise.

Dog Training with Live Birds
Dog Training with Live Birds (howto)
Using live birds to train pointing dogs, flushing dogs and retrievers helps dogs reach their full potential and teaches them how to respond to birds in the field.

Goose Hunting: Small Steps to Big Success
Goose Hunting: Small Steps to Big Success (howto)
Pros are fussy about how they hunt because they've learned through experience that little things count. Learn the fundamentals found in the following article and you, too, can have consistent goose hunting success.

Decoying Waterfowl: The Art and Science
Decoying Waterfowl: The Art and Science (howto)
Decoying ducks and geese involves using the birds' senses of sight and instinct against them. The following article describes key concepts behind the art and science of decoying waterfowl.

Late-Season Mallards
Late-Season Mallards (howto)
Toward the end of the season, after ducks have been called to and shot at for months, waterfowling gets tough. You'll need to adjust your calling tactics and hunting locations accordingly. Read on to find out more.

Canada Goose Hunting Basics
Canada Goose Hunting Basics (howto)
No matter how you pursue them -- with a guide or without, on a river or in a field, on public land or private -- Canada geese provide unexpected thrills at every turn.

Know Your Ducks
Know Your Ducks (howto)
Trouble distinguishing one species from another? This article will teach you to use plumage patterns, size, shape, flight characteristics and other distinguishing factors to identify common North American ducks.

Shotgun Stock Fitting
Shotgun Stock Fitting (howto)
One of the most important things you can do to improve your shooting is get a proper fit on your shotgun stock. If your gunstock isn't as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt, read on to find out how to get a proper fit.

Timely Teal Tactics
Timely Teal Tactics (howto)
One of the smallest duck species, teal provide waterfowlers a chance to tune up their dogs and shooting before the big ducks arrive later in the season.

Confidence Decoys & Duck Hunting
Confidence Decoys & Duck Hunting (howto)
Waterfowlers nationwide use confidence decoys to enhance their duck decoy spreads. If you've never used confidence decoys, study the following information. Chances are you'll like the results.

Snow Goose Hunting 101
Snow Goose Hunting 101 (howto)
Never tried snow goose hunting? Spend a little time scouting and learning to set up a decent decoy spread, and the odds of you coming home on opening day with a sore shoulder are pretty good.

Wood Duck Wisdom
Wood Duck Wisdom (howto)
First wood duck hunt? Follow these tips to help make your initial outing a success.

Hard Lessons on Gun Safety
Hard Lessons on Gun Safety (howto)
"Years later, I watched, horrified, as a friend was shot by a fellow pheasant hunter."

Duck Recipes
Duck Recipes (howto)
The pronounced, pleasing flavor of duck can serve as the basis for a wide variety of mouth-watering recipes.

Proper Nutrition for Working Dogs
Proper Nutrition for Working Dogs (howto)
Choosing the right dog food, and following a proper feeding regimen, is one of the best ways to keep your hunting dog healthy.

Cook Your Goose
Cook Your Goose (howto)
Here are several ways to prepare a snow goose that's so tasty, you'll always volunteer to bring home the geese.

How Cold are Your Puppies?
How Cold are Your Puppies? (howto)
There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your dog returns home from the cold weather with smiles.

Big-River Ducks
Big-River Ducks (howto)
A big river has a way of making a man in an open boat feel very small and vulnerable

Forecast Your Duck Hunting Success
Forecast Your Duck Hunting Success (howto)
It pays to know how weather conditions influence duck movements.

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