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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Fly Fishing: Browsing ALL Articles (ALL 64 ITEMS)

Topwater Fly Fishing for Bass
Topwater Fly Fishing for Bass (howto)
Make a splash for bass with your fly rod.

Spring and Summer Rainbows on Scuds
Spring and Summer Rainbows on Scuds (howto)
Next time you head out for trout, consider making scuds part of your fly fishing bait. Here are a few tips to finding scuds during the spring and early summer months.

Barr's Spork Fly Pattern
Barr's Spork Fly Pattern (howto)
Instructions on how to find — and tie — the perfect fly for elusive carp and sucker fish.

Springtime Suckers
Springtime Suckers (howto)
Sucker fish is a must for all fly fishermen in the Midwest. Here's how to find — and catch — one of the toughest fighting fish.

Tying the Egg Sucking Leech
Tying the Egg Sucking Leech (howto)
Just like the Wooly Bugger, the Egg Sucking Leech is one of the top producing steamer flies. Here are some tips on how and when to use it, and how to create your own.

Science of Sound — How Fish Hear
Science of Sound — How Fish Hear (howto)
Uncovering the secrets to sound can help put more fish in the boat.

Fly Tying Basics: Part 3 - Techniques and Strategies
Fly Tying Basics: Part 3 - Techniques and Strategies (howto)
Difficult to master at first, fly tying takes time and patience. These few tips will help you get on your way to making your own flies.

Tying the Madam X
Tying the Madam X (howto)
Step-by-step tying instructions with photos for the Madam X fly pattern.

Fly Fishing for Snook
Fly Fishing for Snook (howto)
Snook are ample adversaries on any type of tackle, but the ultimate snook fishing challenge comes from stalking them with a flyrod in hand.

Permit Fishing on the Flats
Permit Fishing on the Flats (howto)
Saltwater anglers are well aware of the permit's mythical status, as well as its reputation for being the most difficult of the Big Three, which includes bonefish and tarpon, of the flats to catch. Read on to increase your odds of hooking up.

Spinning Deer Hair
Spinning Deer Hair (howto)
Learn how to spin and trim deer hair for bass bugs, hoppers, and terrestrials with these step-by-step instructions.

Fly Fishing for Baby Tarpon
Fly Fishing for Baby Tarpon (howto)
Baby tarpon are extremely wary fish, so a fly-fishing trip targeting Silver Kings requires a little forethought and preparation. This article will help you prepare for that once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Tying the Caddis Poopah
Tying the Caddis Poopah (howto)
Step-by-step tying instructions with photos for the Caddis Poopah.

Tying the Blue Wing Olive (BWO)
Tying the Blue Wing Olive (BWO) (howto)
Step-by-step tying instructions with photos for the Blue Wing Olive (BWO) Dry Fly

Fly Fishing for Bonefish
Fly Fishing for Bonefish (howto)
Catching bonefish on a fly requires stealth, determination and strategy. Bone up on the fundamentals with these bonefishing basics.

Bonefishing Belize
Bonefishing Belize (howto)
World-class flats and huge schools of bonefish await the itinerant angler in the unspoiled waters of Belize.

Tying the Original Clouser Deep Minnow
Tying the Original Clouser Deep Minnow (howto)
Step-by-step fly tying instructions for the Original Clouser Deep Minnow, excerpted from 'Clouser's Flies: Tying and Fishing the Patterns of Bob Clouser'.

The Slack-Leader Cast
The Slack-Leader Cast (howto)
Lefty Kreh demonstrates how to make a controlled soft cast using the slack-leader cast technique.

When the Stars Align
When the Stars Align (howto)
My quest for a trophy fly-caught smallmouth on Michigan's Lake St. Clair saw postponement after postponement -- then the stars aligned!

Trout Fishing Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Trout Fishing Great Smoky Mountain National Park (howto)
With over 2,000 miles of breathtaking streams and three different species of trout, every family vacation to Great Smoky Mountain National Park should include at least one day of fly fishing.

Trolling with a Fly?
Trolling with a Fly? (howto)
Though not very glamorous, trolling with a fly rod can be very effective. You get to cover a lot of water efficiently, feel bone-jarring strikes and enjoy surprising success.

Saltwater Fly-Fishing Adventures
Saltwater Fly-Fishing Adventures (howto)
Hot bonefish action in Mexico!

Small Stream Fly-Fishing Tactics
Small Stream Fly-Fishing Tactics (howto)
Has your favorite river been inundated with canoes this summer? Avoid the crowds by seeking out smaller streams.

Scout for Trout
Scout for Trout (howto)
Fly fishing success often hinges on proper scouting. Once you've gathered the details, only then is it time to rush to the stream.

Temperate Bass on the Fly
Temperate Bass on the Fly (howto)
Chasing stripers, white bass and hybrids is a great way to hone your fly-fishing skills.

Fly Line Facts
Fly Line Facts (howto)
Tips for maintaining and replacing fly line.

Ten Things Every New Fly Angler Should Know
Ten Things Every New Fly Angler Should Know (howto)
Tips to help flatten the fly-fishing learning curve.

In Pursuit of Golden Eye
In Pursuit of Golden Eye (howto)
100 fish days make for fly-fishing high-adventure and great memories

Inline Spinner Trout Tactics
Inline Spinner Trout Tactics (howto)
When flies don't seem to be working, a quick switch to spinners can often produce immediate results.

Fall's Fly Fishing Frenzy
Fall's Fly Fishing Frenzy (howto)
The leaves are changing – so should you.

Summer Trout Tactics
Summer Trout Tactics (howto)
When summer temperatures soar, you must adapt if you want to hook and land trout. Try these tactics to beat the heat and catch summer trout.

Panfish on the Fly
Panfish on the Fly (howto)
Fly fishing is an incredible pastime, but sometimes it can get a little too serious. When you're worn out from hatch-matching for highly selective fish, panfish are there to remind you why you got into the sport in the first place -- because it's fun.

Backpack and Wilderness Angling
Backpack and Wilderness Angling (howto)
Take a travel rod and explore the water on your next backpacking trip. The payoff of catching a few fish on the trail is well worth the weight added to your pack.

Carp on the Fly
Carp on the Fly (howto)
Carp offer fly anglers an alternative to heavily sought-after gamefish. Couple this general lack of fishing pressure to their size and abundance, and carp may just be the fly-rod game fish you've been looking for.

Canoe and Kayak Trolling Tactics
Canoe and Kayak Trolling Tactics (howto)
Canoes and kayaks provide a silent, stealthy method for fishing smaller waters. Moreover, the surge-and-drift movement of these crafts across the water's surface imparts a deadly action on the baits being trolled.

Change Up for Brook Trout
Change Up for Brook Trout (howto)
There's nothing like a small backwoods lake, especially when fishing it for the very first time. You rarely see another angler, and you're rewarded with a sense of adventure, solitude, and discovery that's hard to beat.

Early Spring Fly Fishing
Early Spring Fly Fishing (howto)
Early spring puts many outdoorsmen back into a fly-fishing state of mind. For some it provides a much needed break from the monotony of winter. For others it's the perfect time to tune-up fly fishing skills.

Keeping a Fishing Log
Keeping a Fishing Log (howto)
Finding the pattern is crucial to consistent success, and the best way to expose patterns is by learning to keep and use a fishing log. Here's how.

Fly Tying with Biots
Fly Tying with Biots (howto)
Biots are small, sharply-pointed fibers that allow the creative tier to realistically simulate legs or gnarly looking appendages.

Planning a Fishing Trip
Planning a Fishing Trip (howto)
Planning a fishing trip isn't much different than any other vacation or multi-day outing.

Uncle Sam's Trout
Uncle Sam's Trout (howto)
Public-access fishing on American military land holds lots of wild country, lots of rules and regulations, and hard-earned fish.

Winter Midge Fishing
Winter Midge Fishing (howto)
Understanding this special hatch can make the long winter loads of fun.

Fly-Fishing With Caddis
Fly-Fishing With Caddis (howto)
In general, caddis-fly larvae can be found by looking on the river bottom clinging to sticks and stones.

Keeping Your Fly Outfit Clean
Keeping Your Fly Outfit Clean (howto)
Learn to keep all the parts of your fly outfit in top working order and it'll provide years of hassle-free service and fun.

Egg Pattern Fly Fishing
Egg Pattern Fly Fishing (howto)
Eggs catch trout, so why not get out and add another time-tested technique to your arsenal?

Summer Hoppers and Brown Trout
Summer Hoppers and Brown Trout (howto)
Hopper patterns are basically large dry flies that require no soft, subtle presentation.

Pocket Water Trout Fishing
Pocket Water Trout Fishing (howto)
The answer to catching trophy trout is sometimes as easy as taking a hop, skip and a short climb.

Mini Jig Fishing for Trout
Mini Jig Fishing for Trout (howto)
Mini jig fishing is great for everyone in your family because it is easy to do, fun and flat out catches fish.

Sticks and Stones
Sticks and Stones (howto)
Stoneflies require well-oxygenated, high quality water, making their prime habitat fast, riffled stretches of pristine river.

Catching Cutthroat Trout
Catching Cutthroat Trout (howto)
The cutthroat trout is regarded by some as one of the best species to target with a fly rod.

The Lowdown on Beadheads
The Lowdown on Beadheads (howto)
To better understand the importance of beadheads in fly patterns, here's a quick look at the different types of beads available to tiers.

Spring Pike Fly Fishing
Spring Pike Fly Fishing (howto)
Fly anglers don't need to be pike experts to catch the toothy critters. Anglers simply need a basic understanding of pike behavior and feeding habits.

Basics of the Overhead Cast
Basics of the Overhead Cast (howto)
The overhead fly cast can be broken down into two main phases, the back cast and the front cast.

Fishing the Chum Slicks
Fishing the Chum Slicks (howto)
Learning these few tips about shrimpers and trawlers can put you onto some really big fish.

The Wet Fly Swing
The Wet Fly Swing (howto)
The wet fly swing is a technique for the beginner and the veteran alike.

Winter Trout Tactics
Winter Trout Tactics (howto)
This winter season could be a fly angler's best opportunity of the year to catch a true trophy-sized trout.

Dry and Wet-Fly Line Mending Techniques
Dry and Wet-Fly Line Mending Techniques (howto)
While mending isn't a technique quickly mastered, it is a skill that serious fly anglers need to digest in order to make the most realistic presentations possible.

Learning the Roll Cast
Learning the Roll Cast (howto)
The roll cast is a key technique to presenting flies to fish when cover is tight.

Brook Trout Basics
Brook Trout Basics (howto)
Of all the trout species available, catching brook trout on flies is some of the best action anglers will see during the long summer months.

Fishing the Hex Hatch
Fishing the Hex Hatch (howto)
If you are planning to fish a Hex hatch, don't worry about getting up early and beating the sun.

Bass on Poppers
Bass on Poppers (howto)
Bass are a natural "fly rod" fish because they spend a lot of time feeding on or near the surface of the water.

The Best Bet for Brown Trout
The Best Bet for Brown Trout (howto)
A good understanding of the fish's behaviors and plenty of time out on your favorite waters will help give you a shot at landing a true lunker of a brown.

Fishing For Steelies
Fishing For Steelies (howto)
A mystical fish to most anglers, the steelhead can be a very elusive prey to inexperienced fisherman.

Discover the Joy of Small-Stream Trout
Discover the Joy of Small-Stream Trout (howto)
Come take a walk off the beaten path and reap the rewards that small-stream fishing can offer.

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