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The Fishing Library contains hundreds of articles covering nearly every aspect of angling imaginable. Whether you're a fly fishing guru, panfish fanatic, or searching for the next world-record bass, we've got the information you need to make the most of your time on the water.

The Fishing Library is categorized by target species and angling tactic. Click any of these broad topics and you'll find multiple articles on that subject, including basics, feature articles, product reviews, buying guides, tips and radio clips -- all focused on that particular species or fishing style!

Pike & Muskie Fishing: Browsing ALL Articles (ALL 27 ITEMS)

Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound
Rapala Tournament Touch Screen Scale - 15-pound (howto)
An affordable touch screen quality with fisherman friendly features.

Being a Good Boat Partner
Being a Good Boat Partner (howto)
Here are a few reminders the next time you go out on your fishing buddy's boat to fish. Follow these simple rules of fishing etiquette and it's likely you'll be asked back.

Fishing Tandem Rigs
Fishing Tandem Rigs (howto)
Multiple-lure rigs can be used to catch a variety of fish. Though it can be a hassle to assemble, cast and keep untangled, tandem lures aren't that difficult to use when rigged properly.

Boat Launch Etiquette
Boat Launch Etiquette (howto)
Help make the boat launch experience another part of a great day on the water with these tips.

Basics of the Quick Strike Rig
Basics of the Quick Strike Rig (howto)
When using live bait creates a number of swallowed hooks, try the quick strike method to increase odds of catch and release.

Science of Sound — How Fish Hear
Science of Sound — How Fish Hear (howto)
Uncovering the secrets to sound can help put more fish in the boat.

Dead-Bait Tactics for Hardwater Pike
Dead-Bait Tactics for Hardwater Pike (howto)
When hitting the frozen bodies of water in search of winter pike, dead baiting tends to be the most successful method.

Chain Pickerel Fishing Basics
Chain Pickerel Fishing Basics (howto)
Neglected by most anglers, Chain pickerel thrive in the swamps, marshes, ditches, oxbows, sloughs and backwaters throughout a large portion of North America. Read on to learn how to fish for these unique members of the pike family.

Goodbye Civilization, Hello Boundary Waters
Goodbye Civilization, Hello Boundary Waters (howto)
"If money is no object and you ask me about the very best bass-fishing trip, I'd send you to Ely. If you are on a tight budget and ask me the same question, I'd have the same answer for you." - Jerry McKinnis

Pike Fishing 101: Locations & Tackle
Pike Fishing 101: Locations & Tackle (howto)
Seasonal patterns, habitat preferences, tackle selection -- understanding these basics will help you connect with more pike over the course of a season.

Fall Muskie Strategies
Fall Muskie Strategies (howto)
Fall fishing is physically and mentally demanding, but all it takes is one fish to dispel doubts and keep you searching for the next big, fall muskie. These strategies should help you reach that goal this season.

Cover Fishing 101
Cover Fishing 101 (howto)
Improve your angling know-how by learning to identify and fish different types of cover.

Night Fishing Primer
Night Fishing Primer (howto)
For a safe, fun and eventful experience, learn the night fishing basics before heading out on the water after dark.

Keeping a Fishing Log
Keeping a Fishing Log (howto)
Finding the pattern is crucial to consistent success, and the best way to expose patterns is by learning to keep and use a fishing log. Here's how.

Mason-Dixon Muskies
Mason-Dixon Muskies (howto)
While most don't realize it, world-class muskellunge can be caught south of the Mason-Dixon Line. Here's the lowdown on where and how to catch these behemoth fish.

Musky Fever
Musky Fever (howto)
Discover the awesome presence and tenacious fighting of this legendary gamefish.

Glowing Jigs
Glowing Jigs (howto)
Adding specialty tackle such as glowing jigs to your arsenal can give you the upper hand with finicky fish.

10 Tips to Improve Your Muskie Game
10 Tips to Improve Your Muskie Game (howto)
Following these 10 simple tips is a sure-fire way to bring more Muskie to the boat.

Planning a Fishing Trip
Planning a Fishing Trip (howto)
Planning a fishing trip isn't much different than any other vacation or multi-day outing.

Fishing the Wind
Fishing the Wind (howto)
Fishing calm water may be more comfortable, but nothing turns on the bite like the wind.

Tackling With Topwater Musky
Tackling With Topwater Musky (howto)
Although muskies can be caught with a variety of lures, nothing can quite match the sheer excitement of catching them on topwaters.

Spring Pike Fly Fishing
Spring Pike Fly Fishing (howto)
Fly anglers don't need to be pike experts to catch the toothy critters. Anglers simply need a basic understanding of pike behavior and feeding habits.

The Price of Quality
The Price of Quality (howto)
Can your choice of reel and rod really make a difference in your casting ability?

The Tempting Taste of Fish
The Tempting Taste of Fish (howto)
Grab an apron -- Fish Cooking 101 is about to begin.

Sorting Through the Pike Lures
Sorting Through the Pike Lures (howto)
A problem you can face when looking for sure-fire action from Mr. Pike is deciding what lures to toss his way.

Stocking Your Musky Box
Stocking Your Musky Box (howto)
Does it really take 10,000 casts to catch one of these "fabled" fish?

Muskies on Bass Tackle
Muskies on Bass Tackle (howto)
You don't have to invest in an arsenal of exotic and expensive equipment to catch big muskellunge.

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